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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republican Jesus Loves The Smell of Electrified Testicles in the Morning

Marcy Wheeler (who is currently doing a fundraiser) has more on why we Serious-Americans prefer torture to more effective and Constitutionally-acceptable interrogation techniques.

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  1. It makkkes patriotikkk Amerikkkans feel so good when they thinkkk their enemies are feeling bad!

    (What is it with this "K" button that keeps stuttering? Fuckkking retarded thing...)

    But seriously, I read that suspiciously French blog teh Gen'l linked to. What's wrong with torturing the enemies of America just because that does well in opinion polls? Furrin terrists don't vote, do they? Scrog 'em!

    And re: what that Hotdoglake blog said about the U.S. government flying Abdulumunderpants' parents to America -- probably at taxpayer expense! -- to persuade him to talk -- just think how he woulda squealed if he was in an interrogation room and his mommy and daddy were led in, then had the Tasers and German shepherd dogs and Koran-stompers turned loose on em! What a surprise!Would that be the mark of a great country, or what?

  2. Considering that Jesus, whilst being tortured by the Romans, cried out for forgiveness for his torturers, perhaps torture gives the tortured a chance to be more Jesus-like.

  3. I'm buying Thomas's spin: torture now possesses virtue!

  4. I love the smell of fried scrotum in the morning.


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