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Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Virginia needs... more lax gun laws.

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  2. I tried to read all the following comments to your link, Sir, and all I could think was how so many half-truths can be assembled into a pro-gun opinion to vindicate a fundamentally bad idea.

    'Limiting gun ownership means only the criminals will have guns.' More importantly, lunatics and other psychotic cases will ALSO have easy access to guns, and frankly we have far more to fear from them having guns than when some hood asks you for your wallet.

    Also, what's this about needing guns to counter the government? Does anyone think (other than psychologically troubled street people) that civilization is discretionary, you can opt out of it at will?

    For those who think this is the case, I should point out that you'll need to shit or get off the pot: either accept complete banishment from civilization, which means you're welcome to live in a cave stark naked, and with NONE of the tools that civilization gave us, and be ruled by nature, though because you no longer enjoy the rules and benefits of law and order, there may very well be 'Open Season' on your ass.

    If this doesn't work for you, then shut your whiney-assed pie-hole and put your back into supporting the society you were mercifully born into, or move to one that better suits your sensibilities (if they'll have you, of course).

    Too much of America's freedom and gun arguments play fast and loose with the debts owed to society. What was JFK's quote? 'Don't ask what...'

    Sorry for the rant.

  3. Joe, I'll just say that when Sarah Palin becomes president and society collapses, I sure will be glad I've got me guns.

    And me cans of spinach.

  4. What Virginia needs... more lax gun laws.

    For those who think this is the case, I should point out that you'll need to shit or get off the pot:

    Combining the best of those two ideas, I say WHAT VIRGINIA NEEDS IS MORE LAXATIVE GUN LAWS!!!

    The kkkapitol of the KKKonfederacy would be a safer and politer place if everyone was encouraged to carry around a device that was capable of shooting the shit, literally. Blobs of poo or streams of diarrhea, it doesn't matter. You'd think twice about tailgating on the roads or taking 15 cans of cat food into the "12 items or less" line at the grocery if you kn ew you might cop a faceful of feces! A feceful society is a peaceful society...


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