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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aryan-Americans for Rand Paul

There was a lot of confusion at when their favorite candidate, Rand Paul, backtracked on his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but a proudly Aryan commenter named WhiteRights set everyone straight:

Why can't patriots get into political office, pretending that they like Martin Luther King and all the liberal sacred cows and then vote in our interests? The important thing is: How will Rand Paul vote?

We're in a transitional period right now guys. We can't just break out the SS uniforms and start goose-stepping our way into power right now.


  1. Sayeth the Paulinaziblogger: "We can't just break out the SS uniforms and start goose-stepping our way into power right now."

    To which the only reply can be: "If not now, when?"

    Then I looked up the origin of that quote and found that it's got Jeweyness all over it!!!

    The first guy who said it was somebody named Hillel, who was a big playa in the Talmud. Some Italian named Levi -- sounds suspiciously Hebrewslim, doesn't it? -- wrote a prize-winning book with that title that centred on, get this, Polish forest-Jews fighting Nazis during World War II.

    "If not now, when" was a favorite quote of that infamous secret Jew John F. Kennedy. Commies including Mikhail Gorbachev and Gov. George Romney (RINO-Mich) said it in speeches. All these people would make a patriotonazi's skin blanch even whiter than it already is.

    I hope TightyWhiteyRighty never gets wind of this thin degree of separation between his writing and so many Hebrewallusions. He'd scratch his pale, pale skin right off the bone, trying to get rid of the Jootie cooties.

  2. When Paul votes to gut their social security checks, tea bagging racists will rethink their opinions right quick on the topic of liberal sacred cows.

  3. Retrograde Change We Can Believe In!

  4. Hah. They think the way they do things in the south actually works in civilized places.

  5. First they cane for the textbooks...

  6. Anonymous1:28 AM

    My ex-Nazi history professor in college said Hitler didn't want to march his boys down the wrong way on a one-way street in Munich, and THAT is why they got busted. Took too much time! But then he wrote Mein Kampf in prison.
    So Rand Paul will make a few mistakes. Just hope he can write a good book!

  7. I find it comforting to know that in Paul's world private businesses would enjoy the perks of public works, i.e. fire departments, police, roads, air travel et al but would also be able to operate in a parallel apartheid society, collective humanity be damned.

    We're going to need much thicker helmets in the future. And swastikas, too. Maybe 3D ones.


  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe MJS just won the comment thread.

  9. Anonymous7:08 PM

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  10. I thought libertarians didn't believe in public works. I'm sure Rand would be fine with Whites Only fire departments, because they would be private too...


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