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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shades of terror

Wolf Blitzer

Dear Mr. Blitzer,

Yesterday, you and CNN were all over the story about the conviction of Khalid Ouazzani, an American citizen who donated money to Al Qaeda. While watching, it occurred to me that you do an excellent job of defining what is terrorism and what isn't. Here was a brown guy, a Muslim, who donated $23,000 to Al Qaeda for use overseas. Obviously, he's a terrorist, and you took care to make that clear throughout your broadcast.

There was also a sentencing yesterday you didn't mention. The guilty man's name is Pastor Robert Joos. He's guilty, along with two others, of sending a mail bomb to The Scottsdale City Diversity Office. It was opened by the diversity officer, Don Logan, who sustained major injuries from the explosion. Additionally, one of Joos's congregants, Timothy Coombs, is wanted for the sniper slaying of the officer who arrested Joos--Coombs shot him, pro-life style, through the policeman's kitchen window while he was making a dish of ice cream.

You didn't report that, yesterday. Indeed, you and CNN haven't reported on Joos or his cohorts at any time. And that's why it struck me that you have a keen eye for spotting who qualifies as a terrorist and who doesn't. Khalid Ouazzani, who's swarthy and Muslim, is a terrorist. Pastor Joos, who's blonde, white, and Christian, isn't.

Is that how it works?

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


  1. Is that how it works?

    Wulfie says "YES." Next question?

    I know where Pastor Anderson can send his resume!

  2. Check out Wolf's bio at any site you choose. His early career as a journo was in the Tel Aviv bureau of Reuters. He was born in Germany of refugee Polish Jews emigrating to NY.

    It's not in Israel's interest to have the US domestic cracker terrorist profiled in the news. that doesn't advance the West Bank settler-victim story.

    Wolf has his priorities. Leave the truth of what is going on to Rachel Maddow. It's too bad she only has an hour each evening.

  3. General, Sir,

    I couldn't help detecting a tinge of incredulity in your post, Sir.

    That one of your nation's major news networks should be caught so shamelessly pandering (I prefer suckholing) the great unwashed may have stirred a morsel of disbelief in your steeled, manifestly heterosexual heart.

    If it works for Lush Rimbaugh et al, why not a whole network?

  4. I think it's because Pastor Joos looks like Jesus in the redneck avatar he used when he visited Scotland with Joseph of Arimathea.

  5. Wow, jcricket, way to make the point that we shouldn't pigeonhole people based on their religious background.

  6. White people are incapable of being terrorists. Government-contracted killers, homicidal agitators, reflexively ardent demonizers of "the other," hyper-reactive bullies, sure. Terrorists? Don't be silly.


  7. Scott - that's why I suggested that you check out his bio. If you were even to read casually for 5, maybe 10 minutes, you would see that this aspect of Wolf's history goes beyond "religious background".

  8. MJS is right -- white people CAN'T be terrorists, because who's terrified of them?

    Those turbanical Pakistainys and Afgoofs in their mud-hut villages -- you think they're terrified when they hear the engine-whisper of drone aircraft unseen in the sky, with missiles that can deliver explosive death at supersonic speed, before they even know it's coming? Nah! They go on about their life unperturbed, planting their heroin poppies, tinkering with their bombs, because they know that Amerikkka is the Land of Freedom, that only kills the guilty, and even then the USA! sends a team of trial lawyers to read them their rights before obliterating their entire family compound. They're not scared of America.

    Same as with black people in the South, or sodomites walking down a deserted street in San Francisco, or Meskins committing the crime of appearing in public in Arizona. Are they terrified when they see a bunch of white men drive up fast in a pickup truck? No way! Because white people are so friendly and politically correct and neutered by feminism that they are incapable of harm. No terrorism there!

    Why, when I think of people like that Skimask patriotoblogger that was featured here a few days ago, the one whose profile had him posing for pix with ex-realPresident Shotgun Dick and Kommandant Ronald Dumsfeld, I don't feel any terror at knowing he will eventually be back in the U.S. as a police officer or prison worker or security guard. Just because he's most likely killed a few people in his glorious service to the nation, and he'll have a lot of weapons and first-hand knowledge of explosives, plus maybe a tiny attitude problem, is HE terrifying? Of course not! Even his whimsically-chosen screen name -- "Skimask", like what you put over your face to rob a bank -- shows what a loveable white guy he is.

    Nope, white people cannot be terrorists. Nothing scary to see here. So stop looking. Stop looking, I said. Are you eyeball-fucking me, maggot? You want maybe I should jam two fingers into your eye sockets and rip your eyeballs out and stuff them down your fucking throat and watch you choke to death?

    Sorry -- got carried away there. It just gets my dandruff up a bit when I think about people using bad words against white people like me. After all, we ARE the race of peace.

  9. jcricket - I read through Blitzer's Wikipedia bio, I'm still lost. He comes from a Jewish background, worked in Israel, covered Israel-Egypt negotiations, once got an award from the ADL - What does any of this have to do with bombing a diversity office in AZ, or a guy giving money to Al Qaeda? What does Blitzer's specific background have to do with the dominant media narrative that all terrorists are Muslim, and white Christians can't be terrorists no0 matter what they do? Even if Blitzer does have a bias against Muslims and even if he does try to shade stories to make Israel's government look good no matter what they do, what does any of that have to do with either of these stories?

  10. ETA: Not saying Blitzer does either of those things - I don't know, I don't watch him enough to say if he's any better or worse than most "journalists" on TV - but if you're claiming he does, I still don't see how it's relevant here.

  11. I want to know what (if any) response The General got from Wolfie Da Beard.

  12. … What does Blitzer's specific background have to do with the dominant media narrative that all terrorists are Muslim…

    …Even if Blitzer does have a bias against Muslims and even if he does try to shade stories to make Israel's government look good no matter what they do…

    … I still don't see how it's relevant here.

    That you actually can make connections between Blitzer’s specific background, bias against Muslims (= terrorists), and his annoying habit of eagerly advancing pro-Israel memes into his storyline, (as you seem to be able to given your posts above) demonstrates that you really can see a correlation.

    Scott, this is a satire site. The relevancy IS Wolf Blitzer.

    Even so, that you don’t see the relevancy, I honestly don’t consider to be my problem. It's just not that big a deal.

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  15. This piece does a great job at pointing out the fact that only Arabs can be classified as terrorists.

    When an Arab commits a significant crime in the US, or a Pakistani "terrorist" attempts to detonate a vehicle in NYC with a make shift bomb, all efforts are made to follow the money trail and apprehend every single implicated suspect. No stone is left unturned.

    On the other hand, the US government and press simply write off and forget about "domestic" crimes of terror committed by Caucasians or non Arabs, i.e. the acts of terror with the shooting incident in front of the Pentagon in DC and the private plane flown into the IRS building in Austin, Texas earlier this year.

    Just imagine what the press would have proclaimed if an Arab had shot up the Pentagon or flown a plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. It would have been called the worst terrorist attack since 9/11.

    So does the US government and press overstate the "War on Terror" against "Radical Islam"? The US government and press certainly do a good job at minimizing domestic and international crime and terror conducted by its Caucasian citizens and international allies.

    For example, most of the suspects who murdered Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai earlier this year used MasterCards branded by US banking institution MetaBank of Storm Lake, Iowa and issued by US prepaid debit card company Payoneer Inc. The suspects used the credit cards to buy plane tickets and other items related to the assassination operation in Dubai.

    No one followed that money trail with a fine tooth comb. It is conveniently being swept under the rug, again. There would have been a full and complete investigation and manhunt if an Arab had murdered a prominent figure in a hotel room in Dubai or any other city.

    It was reported that Payoneer's CEO, Yuval Tal, was a member of the IDF Special Forces, and that Payoneer is actually a joint venture between US CIA and Israeli Mossad intelligence. Payoneer, based in New York with R&D offices and a majority of its employees in Tel-Aviv, is funded by Israeli intelligence venture capital companies that operate out of Herzliya, Israel, headquarters for Israeli Mossad intelligence operations.

    This can be substantiated by following the money. Interpol, the FBI and Dubai police have gone silent with regard to the credit card transactions and financial details of the suspects and the financial institutions that enabled the suspects.

  16. Very simply, Payoneer is funded and held by three venture capital firms: Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital. Similar Arab financial institutions would be undergoing tremendous scrutiny immediately following a similar criminal act.

    Greylock has offices in the US and Herzliya, Israel, with the office in Herzliya run by Moshe Mor, a former military intelligence captain in the Israeli army.

    Greylock has been investing in US government ventures for over 4 decades and has very close ties with the CIA, Mossad and Department of Defense.

    For example, Howard Cox joined Greylock in 1971 after two years in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Systems Analysis). Howard is a former Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association. Howard also serves on the Secretary of Defense Business Board and the board of In-Q-Tel, the CIA venture capital arm.

    Carmel Ventures is a top-tier Israeli venture capital fund also based in Herzliya, Israel with $600 million under management. Carmel Ventures was co-founded by Avi Zeevi, a veteran high-tech executive, and co-founder of the Viola Group, a leading innovative private equity investment group with close to $2 Billion under management.

    Avi is a leading figure in the Israeli VC community and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Israel Venture Association. Avi also served as an active Chairman of Actimize Ltd. from 2001 and until it was sold to NICE Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: NICE) in July 2007 for $280 million on the verge of its IPO. NICE Systems, run by former Israeli Mossad intelligence officers, provides communications recording equipment to US law enforcement and emergency services (e 911), and can conveniently use those systems for surveillance and intelligence gathering services.

    Crossbar Partners is run by Charlie Federman, who is also managing director of the BRM Group, a venture capital fund also in Herzliya, Israel that was co-founded by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem.

    Payoneer's hosted service provider in Israel also hosts a number of Israeli military and intelligence systems.

  17. Other credit cards used by the suspects show ties to Britain's Nationwide Building Society (closely tied to the infamous Clifford Chance law firm, IDT Finance of Gilbraltar (created by Howard S. Jonas' IDT Corp out of Newark, New Jersey, and Germany's DZ Bank AG (which has over a century of influence on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    The Metabank, Storm Lake, Iowa banking institution that branded the suspects MasterCards, also owns and operates, an online Swiss bank database built specifically to provide "discreet" access to private, retail and investment banks domiciled in Switzerland. The organization was put together to help "investors" find a "safe haven". The CIA and Mossad use this safe haven to discreetly move money internationally for their operations.

    Metabank provides secret access to independent entities capable of protecting and hiding money from modern quasi-governmental economy and blind-sighted regulators.

    As you know, Swiss banks are today’s gold standard of reliability and assets protection, and this site lists their profiles, contacts and statistical summaries.

    Metabank is associated with:

    The Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation
    Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC)
    Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR)
    Association of Swiss Commercial and Investment Banks (ASCIB)
    International Capital Market Association (ICMA)
    Swiss Financial Analysts Association (SFAA)
    Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM)
    Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
    Swiss Foreign Bankers’ Association (AFBS)
    Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC)
    EURO Interbank Clearing (EuroSIC)
    Swiss Bankers Association (SBA)
    Swiss Private Bankers Association (SPBA)
    Swiss Society of Investment Professionals (SPPS)
    Swiss Exchange (SWX)
    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)
    Swiss Funds Association (SFA)
    Federal Department of Finance (FDF)

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