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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paulite Scholarship: Enslaved by Capital Letters

I first learned about Mrs. Irene Gravenhorst, patriot, by reading about her on the Ron Paul 2012 website. Although she's from Canadastan, she's very knowledgeable about how the Amish World-Wide Conspiracy is using capital letters and admiralty law to enslave us all (video-begins ~2:15 in):
I discovered the deception of the capitalized name in the admiralty jurisdiction through my birth certificate, and the reason why my birth certificate was so important is because that's when the theft took place by the bankers.

The government decided to enslave us as collateral for the bankers with the birth certificate. As soon as you are born, the birth certificate is altered. What they did with the name was they changed the uppercase lowercase to capitalize on it. That capitalized version then became the slave. It became the collateral to pay for the interest to the bankers.

What the government did was made us believe that this capitalized artificial name is in fact us. When it is not us, it is a corporate entity. Its a capitalized version that they need in order to work with its total deception. Its deception at its highest degre

The theft of the family name begins at birth and it is carried through out your entire life. You are a taxed slave from birth until death.


What they're doing is basically making you responsible for all of the acts and statutes through admiralty jurisdiction. In that corporate fiction name, you are conforming to the laws and the rules and the regulations that they put out for you.

But, when if fact, these particular laws, rules and regulations, statutes, and man made acts, are from a ship. They're on the sea. We're living on land.

If you say that you are the slave and that you allow them to create that joiner between the uppercase and lowercase name and the capitalized version then what happens is, yeah, you become responsible and you do become the debtor.


If you speed over the speeding limit, then you did something wrong, because you did not comply to admiralty maritime jurisdiction laws, so therefore, you're the slave
and you have to pay the tax bill on this particular contract that's issued to this capitalized name. You owe them. It's the debtor, the capitalized name, is the debtor.


  1. Um...ah...What!?!

  2. This is where Underpants Gnomes meet The Cube. Or maybe Scientology meets e.e. cummings. Perhaps Aunt Larry meets Haldol? Whatever.


  3. That's just mental illness.

  4. What Rich H said.

  5. Look crazy lady, I told you I DON'T HAVE ANY CHANGE! Now take your shopping cart and get away from me.

  6. I have a cousin with schizophrenia who will go on and on if you let him about how the bowling alley across the street is trying to get into his brain using their sound system.

    Yeah, he makes more sense than this lady. Serious lack of meds goin' on there.

  7. She's so brilliant, it hurts.

  8. One word: Pynchon-esque.

  9. .

    Impressive. All I gotta say is whip me, beat me, take me bowling, make me feel cheap.

    Ema Nymton

  10. Damn, I thought Canada had a better mental health care system what with all their socialist this and socialist that...

  11. Favorite line from the video: "It's time to take a closer look at the big picture."

  12. A Boat???? I always wanted a BOAT!!!! Damn the torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

    After all, I'm the Admiral, or the Slave, or maybe I'm the guy that knows how to make the animals out of towels and leave them on your beds.

  13. i kNeW iT!!
    tHe caPiTalS!!
    fiRst tHey tRiEd tHe mEtRic syStEM, tHen nAftA!
    tHatS wHY alL tHeIr rOad sIGns sAy km...
    kiLl mOrE!!


  14. This is proof positive of the wonders of the capitalist system; Competitiveness. Everyone & everything competes constantly. The species is improved with each new generation. Always faster, always higher, always better. We saw it with Coulter, Malkin, Palin and Bachmann. Each was an increase of batshit crazy over the other, each strove to reach new heights of batshit crazy. Irene has just out-batshit crazied the best in the business. Irene Gravenhorst is currently the pinnacle of batshit crazy. One can only wonder how much better batshit crazy a human can get.

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  17. I can barely bring myself to watch such tripe to the end.

    I'm sure she researched this extensively through her astrological and tarot card reading studies...

  18. JoeViz, she didn't need no steenkin' tarot cards to research it. The deeply disturbing Constitutional issues of which Sister CravinHorse speaks are well-known to PauloPatriots. Fortunately, Teh Gen'l has been all over this Admiralty Flag issue like yellow fringe on a fake flap-rag. I learn so much about modern American patriotikkkism from this site.

  19. Jeff said... "She's so brilliant, it hurts."

    After watching that, MY BRAIN HURTS!!!!!

  20. Admiralty law only has jurisdiction for incidents in "navigable waters." Offshore oil platforms - yes; folks whose names include capital letters, not so much.

    And what about the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince?

  21. Brilliant, and life-saving.
    I have changed my name to all lower-case letters, and now need not pay taxes, or eat, or talk to people who don't speak the language I made up, as I no longer exist.

    I am of the light!

  22. I first learned about this on a web site called Jesus' General, It's obviously run by a nut job.


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