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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When God's Busy With Politics

Some might question the piety of members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City Oregon. After all, their faith healing efforts don't appear to be very effective:
  • According to former Oregon state medical examiner Larry Lewman, "the faith-healing congregation's avoidance of doctors and hospitals may have cost the lives of 25 children, some under excruciating circumstances"over a ten year period.
  • The Oregonian reports that of 78 minors the Church buried over 35 years, 21 "probably would have lived with medical intervention, often as simple as antibiotics."
  • In 2008, church member Neil Beagley died at age 16 "following complications from an untreated congenital urinary tract blockage that flooded his system with urea, causing renal failure, heart attack, and death."
  • Also in 2008, church member Ava Worthington (15 months old) died of pneumonia after her parents spent months waiting for the Lord to remove a cyst that grew to softball size and squeezed her windpipe and esophagus so that she had difficulty breathing and getting food down.
  • At this very moment, little Alayna Wyland may lose her eye after months of holy oil anointing failed to cure the child's hemangioma.
  • Alayna's father was widowed a few years ago when his first wife died of faith-healed breast cancer.
Like I said, some would chalk up such misfortunes to a lack of faith, but I'd like to think these good Christian people are not at fault. They tried, but our Heavenly Father was busy doing more important things like advising Sarah Palin and defending love segregation.


  1. Keep faith on god, he would obviously do great thing for you. Don't give up your
    holy thoughts and spirit. Thank you

  2. Child abuse. Pure and simple.
    Abortion is wrong, but the moment their born? Ignore them & send 'em off to war!

  3. The continuing infanticide cult that is Followers of Christ goes right to the nub of religious literalism: the followers do not believe their god could possibly act through doctors and science, but only through a very circumscribed series of prayer, laying of hands and application of various ointments (biblical in nature). There is no greater haunt than their cemetery in Carus, Oregon (near Oregon City), where the ground is inhabited by the bones and faded dreams of modern children dying from what to seem to be mostly curable ailments. I can't joke about this one, and I can joke about anything.

    Note: Ava Worthington died in 2008 and the Oregonian covered the subsequent trial. The paper also printed a letter I wrote in which I made mention of the fact that the parents of little Ava retained lawyers after she died--an option little Ava never had.


  4. Mr MJS, Sir:

    Strange how the Good Lord was expected to transcend medical science, but not the legal system.

    Go figure..

  5. I'm praying for the Lord to send two she-bears to eat these people.

  6. Little Ava knew it might be dangerous to be a Real True Follower of One Real True Lord, but she chose to do it anyway.

    And, General, Sir, I know you’re a busy man, but I hope you’ll throw your support to ”KKKris Kobach”, a true patriot in the Eternal Fight to Subjugate the Brown. As Kansas goes, so goes the nation.

  7. In every respect, these people give us a little glimpse of life in the Dark Ages.

  8. General, Sir:

    As with Mr. mjs, Sir, my snarkmojo is pretty much buttfucked by this sort of stuff. If I was a praying sortaguy, I would pray that a sect of Molochians or Thugee would offer up these asshats as a blood sacrifice. But, I'm not the praying sort, so about all I can say is I hope that they all get to experience the same sort of love they've shown their own children.

  9. So...what is this congregation telling itself after death, after death, after death...etc.? How many miracles have they seen just in the nick of time? Oh - Little Johnny was cured of his sniffles last week? Sure.

    Letting your children die to prove you are faithful is one step away from Arnaud Amalric's famous command: "Kill them all and let God sort them out".

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