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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

It's Academicy

Headings and selected arguments from Conservapedia's "Atheism and obesity" entry:
American Atheists organization
Madalyn Murray O'Hair was the founder of the American Atheists organization and she was overweight

PZ Myers
A 2010 picture taken in Australia shows PZ Myers drinking ale/beer and he had excess weight in his abdominal area.[22] In 2010, PZ Myers had health problems related to his heart.

Picture of an overweight atheist Christopher Hitchens

Overweight Matt Dillahunty of the popular atheist TV show The Atheist Experience Show

Lesbianism, atheism and obesity
Since the Bible declares gluttony and lesbianism to be sins, no doubt there are obese people and/or lesbians who reject Christianity and decide to become atheists rather than repent and become Christians.

Evolutionists who have had problems with being overweight and/or obese

Atheism, obesity and self-esteem

Atheism, gender, obesity and marriageability

Atheists and physical and mental health related problems associated with obesity
And a captioned photo from the same entry:

More at PZ Myers' Temple of Iniquity.


  1. They're absolutely right. Pastor John Hagee and Rush Limbaugh are atheist lesbians.

  2. You know, I paid to go to the Altar of the Eternal Vaccuum called the World Atheist Convention. It was held in Melbourne, Australia. Downunder (Get it? DOWNUNDER in HELL!).
    I saw PZ Myers as he writhed out onto the stage on his tummy, his muscles moving his rolls of fat like a overweight snake. Like the snake of Eden, despite his blubberiness, I was entranced by his words, spat out with pure hate in between mouthfuls of deep fried chicken and ice cream.
    As i listened, knowing my very soul was at steak (dammit! See?) I noticed I started to put on weight. No longer was I only 5% over BMI and manage long distance cycling, i grew and grew as PZ's words of the devil filled my stomach.

    I thought i was alone. Well, I thought i was alone but for all the other people at the convention. Conservapaedia has inadvertantly helped a new heathen as myself find brethen. Since all atheists are overweight, I wondered if simply identifying fat people would help me connect to other hateful non-believers. Then I checked the stats: In the US, 32.2% of all adults are obese!!! I have 90-odd million friends and like-thinkers! HOORAY!
    Thankyou Conservapaedia for assisting in your own demise by our demon-filled, fat army of baby Jesus taunters!

  3. Hmmm.

    Did I read that:

    Christianity is the world's Largest Religion.


    I think it is unkind to lesbians to use words like Rush Limbaugh and John Hagee in the same sentence.
    Although I think I met a Republican Lesbian once.

  4. Does my Apatheism make my butt look big?

  5. When was that World Satanatheist Convensintion held in Melbourne, B.C.? I was there from 2005-2009, and I missed it. Although as a God-fearing, Sin-hating, Fornicator-cursing, Amalekite-smiting KKKhristian, I would not have attended. But I would have stood outside and prayed for P.Zed Myer's ale-drinking soul. Can you IMAGINE that, being PHOTOGRAPHED drinking BEER?!? Is there no limit to the shame?

  6. Why couldn't I find the Cunservapedia article linking priests to pedophilia? Must be an oversight.

    Also, I think every cunservapedia article is now required to show a photo of Chucked Norris.

  7. ooh ! There's an entry on "Lesbianism and Obesity" but no pictures and no feminine counterpart to Chuck Norris.

    [Why not a photo of the beauty queen in California who upheld the right to preserve some marriages and annoy Donald Trump ? Already I forgot her name.]

    There are important statements attributed to "purported Lesbians" !

    I can't wait to look up entries on Judaism and Jews, Jewesses, etc !

  8. Bukko, as a true Kristian, you obviously left before downunder was taken over by filthy unbelievers who openly drank beer in public.

    PS. We all ate babies, just after they were baptised by a captive priest.

  9. We obviously missed the most important point of the Conservapedia article:

    "Obesity rates have skyrocketed since the Supreme Court effectively made public school atheistic with the Engel v. Vitale case banning classroom prayer in 1962."

    That's right, we as Americans are fat because we don't pray in the classroom, and not, as the lame-stream media claims, because we don't go outside for recess or because the Aramark provided school lunch program feeds us burgers, fries, and pizza on a daily basis.

    Take that Mrs. "no dessert for you" Obama. If we simply pray before eating pie, the calories don't count.

  10. I love science, don't you?

  11. I dunno. I can't find anything in the Ten Commandments that says "Thou Shalt Not Have a Bad Body Mass Index."

    And besides: if being overweight is a sin against God, then a fair number of Republicans are going to burn in hell. Haley Barbour for one....

  12. Dammit, Conservapedia is right again! It wasn"t all that beer and fried food and pizza that made me fat --its because I"m an atheist and a lesbian (albeit trapped a man's body)

  13. Hey, umm.. Rev. Paperboy, as a male lesbian, can you still do the whole scissor thing lesbians are rumoured to do?

  14. @k pr

    I think the lab that did the "no prayer in school = fat kids" study is the same lab that conducted the groundbreaking Flying Spaghetti Monster study which showed the decline in pirates worldwide is directly related to increases in global temps.

    People that claim correlation doesn't always equal causation are probably atheist lesbians, too. Science is for communists.

  15. If the Tea Party had healthy BMI requirements, it would cease to exist in an eyeblink.


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