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Monday, February 28, 2011

Outside the Compound

The film, Sons of Perdition, documents the lives of a group of teens who've fled the fundamentalist Mormon polygamist community of Colorado City/Short Creek, or as the kids call it "The Crik." They're lost kids: uneducated, shunned by their families, and banished from the only community they've ever known and left to fend in a culture they don't understand.

It's a great documentary, one that will appeal to both libislamunistofascists and patriots. The former will come away muttering about how authoritarian patriarchy poisons a society, while the latter will note how children lose their way after losing touch with traditional values.

While watching these rebellious teens struggling to adapt to life among the "gentiles," I was saddened by the thought that they fled the kind of world true patriots are trying to build. Absent the polygamy, The Crik, practices the tradition values we cherish so dearly.

Education is religion-based. The children are not exposed to godless science, new math, phonics, or any of the other faith-killing philosophies of secular education. Perhaps even more important, their minds aren't corrupted by union-card-carrying teachers. The curriculum consists solely of a series of cassette tapes recorded by their prophet.

Imagine our children going to a school to spend their day listening to Dr. Dobson on tape.

FLDS kids aren't forced to suffer through the higher grades, learning ciphering and reading tricks they'll never use. There is no schooling beyond 8th grade. One of the boys in the film began working with his father on construction projects when he was eight. The lucky kid could operate every kind of heavy machinery by the time he was 16 (scroll down to construction clip).

Another young man looked quizzical when asked about comic books. He'd never heard of such a thing, and it didn't matter, he said, because he couldn't reach much anyway. That's kind of a built in advantage the religion-based Crik education offers.

Unlike our permissive, worldly culture, fornication isn't a problem at the Crik. Boys are banned if they look at one of the elders potential wives. Young girls, many as young as 12 and 14 (scroll to "being a girl...), are married off before thoughts of fornication seize their young minds.

Respect for patriarchal authority is perhaps the most important value the kids leave behind. Without a prophet or a Old Testament style father, these kids are required to make their own decisions based on research they must conduct themselves. Thankfully, it's too much for some in the film to handle. One young girl returns to her father three times (and her mother, once) after he issues his command.

For now, such respect for traditional values is practiced only at a few compounds across the nation, but God willing, today's patriots will continue building a big enough compound to house us all.

Sons of Perdition is in theaters now.


  1. I can foresee a way to utilize these surplus sons of perbitchez in a way that will have a positive impact on the U.S.-China trade deficit.

    Ennybody who's studied the eeeeeeeevil ways of the ChiCom dictatorship that supplies us with all the wonderful plastic crap we buy at Mall Wart knows that the Chineez only want boy children. They'll force wimmens to have abortions if they have one chillun already. It's such a horrible practice that I shed a tear every time I go to Sam's Club to buy another Salad Shooter, but at those low, low prices, how can I resist? So those sinful Chingawingas who made the computer that I'm typing on will aborticate or even infanticidalize their babygirls, just so they can have a son.

    Howzabout sending them those excess boys from Colorado? I bet they'd fetch a good price! Especially from parents whose children have been killed in one of those earthquake disasters or poisoned baby formula scandals or the other tragic things that happen all the time in the free-market paradise that is communist China.

    It might look a little strange when an oval-eyed ma and pa raise a round-eyed Caucasaboy, but at least they'd have some son to slave away in the coal mine to support them in their old age. If the World Trade Organization wants to balance things out, the Chingalings could send their unwanted lil' girls to the elders in Colorado. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little yellow fever.

  2. One more thing after watching the trailer -- I hope the people who set the homosexualist agenda do not find out where all these tossed boys live. Because those strapping white/delightsome young men in need of father figures would be a magnet for anyone afflicted with teh ghey. I can foresee the preeverts wanting to make another kind of movie with those boys, if you know what I mean. And if you don't know, I can spell it out in torrid detail, scene by scene. Just ask.

  3. The pictures in the sidebar are the creepiest family portraits ever.

  4. Yeah, but what about the funny foreign mooslems, eh? When THEY do polygamy its foul. When THEY marry off little girls its pedophilia. Americans better bomb some 'effin civility into those mohametans.

    PS. Fascinating doco. I wish I could see it.

  5. Are these the same types who fret over the evils of godless communism? Oh, brother ...


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