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Friday, April 01, 2011

We Are The CSA

Meet my commanders and platoon mates in the Confederate States Militia.

General Charles Murphy and General Kenneth Meeks.

Ambassador Mad Max wears many uniforms.

Major Levi Stroud and Major Levi Stroud's room.

Archbishop James Jarvis, Major Tyler Brantly, and Corporal Charlie Towle.


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    You've got some distinguished gentlemen in your platoon general should feel proud.

  2. I love the little Christmas tchotchkes behind General Meeks. I bet they are just like the reindeer that Stonewall Jackson had at his HQ in Chancellorsville.

    Does the uniform Ambassador Max wears in the bottom right picture mean he is also an officer of the United Federation of Planets?

  3. Uh-oh. I remember the bible said something about the Meeks inheriting the Earth. Its a sign, for sure. You can't explain that.

  4. I recognize the slope of that roof in Major Stroud's bedroom. It's the holy angle of 12.5° that you find only in the traditional single-wide unfixed housing unit.

    He truly is one of us. And a braver man you will never meet, who puts his life on the line every day living in his mom's tornado magnet.

  5. .

    Just a small point. When one salutes with one's left hand, does one use one's right hand to man-handle one's little soldier?

    Only ask'n.

    Ema Nymton

  6. Good to know these hale and hearty men will be providing the seeds for the new Confederacy to propagate. Whopping good feeling, that.

  7. It is a testimony to Southern courage that Major Stroud has not let the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome stop him from festooning his... uh... barracks with second place banners!

  8. General Sir,
    I think your troops lack discipline. Major Stroud's unmade bunk is a disgrace! He should immediately be sent to the spatula man in Seattle for some righteous rogering.

  9. Nothing like a man in uniform. Confederate fashion just never loses its' charm and since most men do well in winter colors, a little autumn thrown in balances the crossed swords. I agree, the messy bed is just cause for the spatula gauntlet.

  10. The Hatriot is onto something there: the South aren't losers, they're silver medallists.

    (By the way, try as I might I can't stop myself breaking "Hatriot" into two words and wondering what kind of headgear could provoke such a violent reaction.)

    You Tuber and amateur urologist/mom self-described as practicing the "Hebrew" religion while not attending any organized church(nor medical school)


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