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Monday, May 02, 2011

America, Fuck Yeah!

The Spirit of 9/12 parties hard in the soul of one NBC prince.


  1. Luke Russert???

    Like life insurance, LR only achieved his value with the death of his father.

    And like life insurance with some, whatever there was, was quickly spent.

  2. I, for one, am not satisfied. Where is the body, "President" Osama? SHOW ME THE BODY!!!!!

    This "buried at sea" business seems a bit fishy to me. Where's proof, in the form of Obama's long, beardy body? I want gory pictures, DNA samples, individually plucked hairs from his greasy beard which can be mounted in plastic and sold on late-night TV and sold to reduce the national debt.

    (Side note -- couldn't they at least put bin Hidin's head on dry ice and ship it back to CIA HQ so exrealPresident Cheeeeeeeney could roll it like a bowling ball? And how kewl would it have been if a SEAL medic had cut Ossie's heart out of his chest as it was quivering its last twitches and then rushed it back to use as a transplant for Snarlin' Dick? Now the poor old fella's going to have to custom-order the execution of a death row prisoner with his tissue type, like he was at one of those Chinese restaurants where you point to the fish you want scooped out and killed for your dinner, eh?)

    In the good ol' days of the Glorious Christian Roman Empire, they would parade the heads of conquered enemy kings around town on pikes, or nail the bodies of criminals and troublemakers on trees for the public to jeer at. Are we not even entitled to the same spectacle as ancient Romans?!?

    As of this day, I am starting a little something I plan to call "The Body Movement." I'll be calling Foxxx Nuze to be interviewed about my suspicions, and from there, I will become as rich and famous as Oily Taintz. From now on, you can call me "The Founding Bodder."

  3. For my part, I don’t really begrudge people their emotions at a time like this – 9/11 was an awful, scarring experience and I’m not surprised that people (even very decent, liberal people) might cheer when they learn about the death of a really hateful person. I just don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to feel about it. But I expect members of the media to be dispassionate; I expect them to report the facts and provide impartial, fact-based analysis – not to wallow in flag-waving or cheerleading or ghoulish dancing on anyone’s grave. It’s sad and pathetic for Russert and others in the media to be egging on these celebrations instead of sticking to the facts. Their cheerleading now is really no better than the media’s cheerleading in the months leading up to the Iraq war.

  4. Don't begrudge the proles their Two Minutes' Hate, Comrade Dave. Even Big Brother never caught Goldstein! By next week, we will all know that we are at war with Gadahfi. We have ALWAYS been at war with Gadahfi...

  5. Bukko: Therein lies the irony. George W. Bush tried to normalize relations with Gadahfi because, brutal dictator though he was, Gadahfi figured out there was more profit to be made by befriending the Bushwhacker than by funding terrorists; and Bush, fool though he was, decided somewhere along the line that he wanted to focus all his attention on Iraq even though Saddam Hussein pretty much stayed out of the terror game. Politics, strange bedfellows, and all that.

  6. Oh, but the bottom line is: Luke Russert is a wanker. That is all.

  7. General, Sir, Colonel Bukko and Counsellor Von Ebers, Consiglieri for the GC(Cubed)R:

    I think that within a few years time the "burial at sea" myth will be exposed when Pat (Protein)"Shakes" Robertson begins offering 10 cc vials of the "One True Corpse*" for only $99.99 + S&H. You'll be able to um, do, uh, erm, well, whatever the opposite of venerating a KKKristianist relic consists of.

    General, Sir:

    Tim Russert was a pusgutted pissant whose death was, for me, a sign that there might be room for at least one honest journalist to replace him. Alas, necrophilia, the practice of placing one's own relative in a position of power reared it's rotting head. Luke Russert, Sir, would need considerable upgrading to be a piece of shit. I hope that I don't come across as too harsh on the lad, I'm really working on my "tone" lately.

    *(TM(SM)(C) 2011 Brand Democommie and Crazier than a shithouse rat in a thermometer factory productions.

  8. Hey -- Luke Russert is the George W. Bush of the news meeja!

  9. luke russert. that's just sad. (and i thought big russ jr. was a titanic jerkoff! silly me.)


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