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Monday, July 11, 2011

Amazon Review of Rep Sally Kern's Book

My Amazon review of "The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism - And Why We Must Take a Stand" is up. Please help make it "the most helpful favorable review" by casting a vote for it.
4.0 out of 5 stars Froggy Went A-Courtin', July 10, 2011
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This review is from: The Stoning of Sally Kern: The liberal attack on Christian conservatism-and why we must take a stand (Hardcover)

It isn't easy being Sally Kern. She issues simple fatwas on morality and the tolerance-o-fascist community reacts in an explosion in anger.

"The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism - And Why We Must Take a Stand" is her response. As she explains in the book, she did not really mean to say homosexualists are terrorists (at least not the white ones). She simply meant that they are as dangerous as terrorists--that two men or two women pledging their lives to each other is as much an act of destruction as flying an airplane into an office building. How can anyone argue with that?

As for her comments about blacks and women, she was merely offering up a critique on affirmative action. So rather than flatly stating that blacks are too lazy to work and women are incapable of it, she feels she should have said, "Employers shouldn't be required to interview blacks and women because they're too lazy and incompetent to hold a job anyway."

See how much different things sound when they're placed into their proper context?

Unfortunately, she doesn't discuss one of her most important contributions to Christian sharia law: the difference between sinful homosexualist love and the normal expression of love between people and their pets and livestock. She explained that difference in an interview with Michelangelo Signorile. When asked why a bill she sponsored would ban books like "Heather Has Two Mommies" but not "The Princess and the Frog," Rep. Kern, filled with the spirit of the Lord, replied, "The difference there is that that is still in the heterosexual lifestyle."

And her grateful constituents let out a righteous cheer. Me, I ordered a dozen Oster GroomMaster Professional Animal Clipper Blades.

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