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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Patriot Poetry

I find it troubling that conservative poetry doesn't get the attention it deserves. How many of you have heard of Mikey "Conservative Bastard" DeBenedetto or read his seminal poem about compelled birth, "Why I'm coming (about Abortion)?
Why I'm coming (about Abortion)

God is good
God is great
We thank God for our faith
Because it's never to late
To have a baby for loves sake

Mom and Dad love me so
Happy am I to know
I will arrive as a blessed event
Because I am God sent
I love this poem. Rejecting the degenerate rhymeless passion that's enslaved poetry since the beats, DeBenedetto boldly breaks new ground by violently rhyming "faith," "late," and "sake." It's beautifully conservative. It's like the scent of cordite on a summer breeze or the ka-ching of an organ-buyer's purse in a dimly-lit Liberty City tenement.

That, in itself, would be enough, but then he takes it a step further with an homage to Miss Julie's Romper Room prayer. God is good, indeed.

And then there's his epic tribute to Sen. Scott Brown. Take a look at the last few lines and tell me you aren't eager to mutilate a few million social security checks:
Sir Scott the bold.
Will not be told and be sold.
To the highest bidder and fold.
Because he has a soul.
He will not betray the citizens for GOLD.
Our Knight Sir Scott the Bold.
God has a hand on Sir Scott cannot be denied.
Because GOD stands with him with pride.
So much passion, so much fire built upon a meter that shrilly screeches the wonders of a jarring stop. It's no less than Sarah Palin's gubernatorial term set to verse.

Elsewhere: a sampling of other patriot poets.

Tom Zart
Our flag is fabric wove of thread
Carried by heroes live and dead.
She stands for justice and courage too
With her colors; red, white and blue.
Pastor Steven L. Anderson
They had underwear in two sizes: extra-large and small
So I took extra-large and made my single phone call
I was put into cell where the lights are on 24-seven
And lay down to sleep with my stitches eleven.

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