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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Senator Looking for a Right Good Rogering

First, an update to yesterday's post. My Amazon Review of Lord Cheney's book is finally up. Unfortunately, those who reject DICK!'s dark love are hammering my review. I need you to vote for it so it will rise to become the "most helpful favorable review."

Senator Looking for a Right Good Rogering

Another gladiator for the heterosexual lifestyle has fallen. Puerto Rican Senator and former local chair of Bush/Cheney 2004 Roberto Arango has resigned after admitting to posting photos of his cave of shame on (what I assume is a sandwich site) "Grindr."

Although libislamunistofascists were quick to characterize the photos as some kind of invitation for homosexualist sex, I doubt that's the case. As I said, Sen. Arango is a gladiator for the heterosexual lifestyle. He voted for love segregation and against civil unions and once taunted an opponent by squeaking a homosexualist rubber duck in his face.

I think he was doing the latter again here. Much like the dominance display of the red-assed baboon, he was taunting the homosexualists of Puerto Rico by displaying his cave of shame. Who among us hasn't done that very same thing at least once?

It's either that or he was looking for a right good heterosexual rogering. Being a senator is stressful. Sometimes you need to take a few moments to take your mind off important issues of state. Getting another gladiator of the heterosexual lifestyle to roger you like a naughty cadet at military school clears the ol' mind like nothing else.

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