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Monday, October 10, 2011

GOP Fights for Jobs for the Little Guy

While godless Obamunists continue their efforts to destroy the American worker by proposing infrastructure rebuilding projects, conservative state lawmakers are rolling up their sleeves and creating jobs by repealing inconvenient regulations.

Florida's Ritch Workman is one such legislator. Here's how he describes his bill to repeal a job-killing regulatory law:
It’s an archaic kind of Big Brother law that says, ‘We don’t like that activity.’ There is nothing immoral or illegal about that activity. All we really did by passing that law was take away some employment from some little people.
The "activity' to which he refers is called "dwarf tossing." It's a friendly tavern-based contest in which drunks compete to see who can throw a dwarf the farthest. The current world record holder is Guinness enthusiast, Jimmy Leonard, who threw "Lenny the Giant" 11 feet and 5 inches to win the 2002 British Dwarf Tossing Championship.

Although, Rep. Workman's bill is expected to create as many as a dozen new jobs for Florida citizens, there is some concern that Dwarf Tossing's return may reduce NASCAR, truck pull, and cage fighting attendance. But then, I guess that's the marketplace's invisible hand at work.

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