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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Patriots Beginning to Hate Marine Corps

According to a proudly white patriot, Wheeler MacPherson, at The Thinking Housewife, the Corps has lost its way; it is no longer a bastion for our most cherished Heartland values:
...the Marine Corps in which I served was a bastion of things Southern and masculine. R.E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson were studied and revered. We imitated the “rebel yell” in training exercises.

...I was also going to observe that non-whites were once a definite minority in the Marine Corps. Though the commanders toed the party line (politically correct, even back then), we all understood and accepted as hard fact that a warrior culture of controlled violence like the Corps was not the place for social experiments or affirmative action quotas. The Marines who excelled at tactics and strategy and avionics and artillery theory and communications technology and leadership were overwhelmingly white. And quite often Southern.

And today? The Corps has sodomites openly serving in the ranks once commanded by “Chesty” Puller, and the current Commandant is “fine” with this. The Corps has a bull-dykey womyn as commanding general of Parris Island. The Corps actively recruits and enlists borderline-retarded murderous criminal gang-bangers from the inner-city wastelands, while barring from service any white lad with a Confederate flag or or “White Pride Worldwide” tattoo on his shoulder.
In a follow-up post, Patriot David disagrees, noting that the British held an empire with an army commanded by a 19th century version of our modern "geldings and metrosexuals:
While I sympathize with your correspondents who advise against joining the Marines, I don’t agree with their advice. The military is continually being tinkered with by social engineers specifically because it remains one of the strong bastions of traditional values, under the surface, and we all benefit by its remaining so.

Occasionally saluting the absurdities of political correctness is of course annoying and degrading, but official folly is nothing new in military culture either. Nor are useless buggers in command positions – metaphorical OR literal buggers. Indeed, by the late nineteenth century the British army effectively controlled the world’s largest empire despite a significant presence in the command structure of effete aristocrats whose uselessness or counterproductiveness sometimes approached that of the modern PC gelding or metrosexual.
Randy the Patriot sides with our proudly white patriot, but focuses blame specifically on Mexicans:
I look at pictures of groups in the desert over the years which have transitioned from largely white, with a large minority of blacks, to that of largely Latin American, with a large minority of blacks, and a smaller minority of whites.

The unsettlingly large Latin American population is most likely due to the tsunami of illegal immigration originally sanctioned by Ronald Regan, and further condoned or ignored by every President since. The 25-40 million illegals (12 million was a lie when it was promoted 20 years ago) that are here working full time to destroy the country, culture, religion and language they infiltrated. Think about that for a minute; America has been infiltrated by a warring people who publically promote the killing and subjugation of whites (Coalition of Hispanic (sic) Organizations, La Reconquista, La Raza, Nation of Islam – heavily invested in Mexico, and more), we allow them to join our military, and further allow them to speak out publicly in favor of the overthrow of our government. We are paying for, training, and arming a people who want nothing more than the destruction of Judeo-Christian whites, in addition to the law of the land.
And modern recruiting practices:
...the Marine Corps is conducting special recruiting sessions with homosexual clubs at university, and in close proximity to known gay bars in larger city centers.
And femislamunistofascists:
For me, all of this finds its origins in the feminization of the planet. Not only are men considered second-class citizens by most feminist groups, many families have reversed roles at home, where the woman has all but taken over the household due to the engrained passive nature of the modern male.

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