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Monday, December 12, 2011

Republican's Seed Donated as Foreign Aid

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson's Christianity may have prevented him from joining bin Laden's mujahideen, but it didn't stop the Lebanese from accepting whole mason jars of his sperm:
Bill Johnson, a former top state official who made a failed bid for governor in 2010, has been living a secret life in New Zealand as a sperm donor for lesbian couples
The New Zealand Herald has more:
In his political life, Johnson campaigned on a conservative Christian platform which opposed gay marriage.

He said he did not know the "relationship status" of the women he donated to: "I just know they want to have children." Asked if it mattered, he said: "I'm not going to answer that question."
Apparently, his seed is as potent as a hot-loaded .357 magnum wadcutter:
Three of the women are now pregnant, and Johnson has assisted another three with donations in the past month. It is believed he has been in communication with at least another three women to discuss sperm donation.
As a good Christian "Head of Household," Johnson made the decision to spread his sperm on his own:
Asked if his wife knew he was donating sperm, he said: "She does now."

He said she did not know of any of the pregnancies. He said he had not planned on telling her until the children were born.

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