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Monday, May 07, 2012

GOP moves Native Americans up on its list of people to hate

Amanda Somers
GOP Candidate For South Carolina Senate

Dear Mrs. Somers,

I'm gladdened to hear you've recruited Todd Kincannon to serve on your team. As a former General Counsel and Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP and a member of the Republican National Committee, I'm sure his experience will be a tremendous asset for your campaign.

But it's Mr. Kincannon's keen mind for innovation that will serve you best. While the rest of the Party is content to build its base by simply persecuting the same old "others" (women, gays, Muslims, Mexicans, and Blacks), Todd is breaking new ground on twitter by viciously attacking Native Americans.

Here, for example, Todd makes a genocide joke that I'm sure will be a big hit at the next National Convention:
Todd Kincannon ‏@ToddKincannon
Hey Injuns, how about eight syphilis-free seashells for North Dakota? RT @AblativMeatshld: just don't offer blankets. They are onto that one
"Injuns." Ha ha. It's as funny as when as a white guy calls a black guy a "nigger."

Here's another:
Todd Kincannon ‏ @ToddKincannon
Nobody expects the Injun Inquisition! RT @JDNelson_68W: @MissNativeLis Careful Todd, you'll wake up to a casino in your back yard.
But the really clever thing is how he's mastered the ability to denigrate multiple groups at the same time. Here, he asks a young Native American minor to send him photos of her naked body:
Todd Kincannon ‏ @ToddKincannon
@MissNativeLis Hey Squaw: You need to post some more body pics. You might be hot neck-down. You're ok neck-up but not great.
The use of the word "squaw" makes it even funnier. It's traditionally used to portray Native American women as being slutty. Native American women consider it the same as being called a "cunt," something he called Nancy Pelosi, awhile back.

Hilarious, isn't it.

Finally, here's an example of him using "squaw" and "injun" in another genocide joke. It just doesn't get more teaparty funny than that.
Todd Kincannon ‏ @ToddKincannon
This squaw, @MissNativeLis, is awful sore about the syphilis blankets and firewater comments from earlier. I *am* a Injun, ma'am. (Link)
Perhaps you could work some of these into your speeches. I'm sure Todd can give you a hand.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, biblically acceptable, and proudly white kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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