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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

AZ Shooter's Facebook Wall

Update: Comments from the JT Ready for Sheriff facebook page follow Ready's wall posts.

From the AZ Shooter's Facebook Wall:
JT Ready for Sheriff
2 hours ago via mobile
Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert Arizona. This page's admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible.

JT Ready for Sheriff shared a link.
April 25
Imagine when the narco-terrorists start padding the pockets of the corrupt screeners to allow kilos of drugs onto a plane only to have it be a bomb instead and explode in midair.

JT Ready for Sheriff shared a link.
April 7
Enemies to American peace and prosperity have been aligning themselves together for decades now, it is time we stand up and do the same.

Kathy Bambi Khoury if only we had a sheriff like you.
April 7 at 5:00pm
Update: Comments from the JT Ready for Sheriff facebook page:
Kyle Becker So many dumb people on here. JT Ready was a gentleman and would never hurt anyone, unless attacked first. Clearly all of you anti-whites have once again fallen for the Zionist media's lies. JT Ready was one of the bravest and patriotic men in modern history, and it was likely an assassination set up by our Zionist government. Caring for your country is not "racism", you anti-whites.

Dawn Shew I totally believe the evil government of ours could have taken these folks out! Can't wait to hear Alex Jones discuss this tomorrow! Knowledge is power. Things are not always as they appear people.

Preston Wiginton Julie HATE is an natural emotion. HATE is an emotion when something that one LOVES is destroyed. Hate is a reaction to when one's heritage, culture and identity are destroyed. HATe is a reaction when harm is done to one's family (greater family) If you hate nothing, then you love nothing.

John Maelstrom Look, I get why antis hated this guy. From your perspective anyone who shows the slightest resistance to you is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjewsblacksandmestizos. But are your collective memories so short-term that you don't remember how the media completely distorted the Trayvon Martin story just a few weeks ago? How can any thinking human being in this day and age believe a damn thing coming from their TV set? Furthermore, do you have any idea how hate-filled and venomous you all sound? And you are supposed to be the "tolerant" anti-racists? What a joke.
May the murderer(s), whoever they are, rot in Hell and may the innocent rest in peace.

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