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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

North Carolina, Uppity Negroes, and Pushy Homosexualists

Why is it that Confederate-Americans make the best historians? For years, good, godly, proudly white, Confederate-minded men like Pat Buchanan and others have been breaking ground with research proving slavery was a good thing.

Now, Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission, tells us that greedy yankees, uppity Negroes, and abolitionists forced the good people of the Tarheel State to pass laws against emancipation:
Emancipation sentiment was ascendant in the South after 1783 though Northern inventions like the cotton gin and mills hungry for raw cotton perpetuated the existence of slave labor on Southern plantations. Fearful of slave revolts as the black population grew, and shaken by the Nat Turner massacre of women and children, Southerners erected anti-emancipation laws to control slave populations. The constant agitation of slave revolt by abolitionist fanatics culminating in John Brown’s crime in Virginia, was an effective means to end even voluntary emancipation in the South. Peaceful emancipation initiatives from the North would have had a better effect and avoided war.
All those complaining about last night's Amendment One results should take a lesson from Brother Thuersam's historical account. The good people of North Carolina wouldn't have passed Amendment One if homosexualists wouldn't go around demanding basic human rights.

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