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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Satan and Muslims and Beck, Oh My!

Meet Elder Chris Stewart, father of six, husband of a full-time homemaker, Mormon Tabernacle Choir lyricist, priesthood holder, business consultant, and the next Congressman from Utah's Second Congressional District.

Oh, and he's also an author whom many describe as the "Mormon Tim Lehaye," since his novels are set in the end times (before the saints build New Jerusalem in Jackson County, Missouri.)

Here are a couple of examples of his work (published by Glenn Beck's "Mercury Ink):

From "Darkness Of This World:"
As Saudi Prince Abdullah al-Raman moves closer to taking over the kingdom’s throne and putting the attack into motion, it becomes clear that only a few people have the knowledge and ability to stop him. But will they find the strength to stand up to the Prince and his Master, or will they fail and leave the U.S. and Israel to face the grave consequences?

The war that has been raging since the beginning of time continues toward its final battle. Lucifer and the forces of Darkness have plotted to destroy all that is good in the world—including the United States—by launching an audacious attack that is meant to forever change the balance of power in the world.
From "Son of the Morning:"
The death of the Saudi King has removed the final barrier between peace and chaos. Prince Abdullah al-Raman, a pawn of Lucifer and the Forces of Darkness has taken over the throne and is now in a position to draw Israel and the United States into an unprecedented war.
As much as I like what I see in these short passages, I think Elder Stewart falls a little short in vilifying Islam. Sure, associating Muslims with Lucifer is a good start, but where are the accusations of marxism, furrinerism, and teleprompter use. I worry that Elder Stewart may not have what it takes to serve in Congress.

Glenn Beck's tribute to Elder Stewart

Promo for Elder Stewart's Wrath and Righteousness series.

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