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Friday, November 16, 2012

God-Fearing Parents Film Doomed Newborn's Painful Death as Testament to Their Piety

Twenty weeks into her pregnancy, Deidra Lauxs was told that the fetus-American inside her was stricken with trisomy 13, a condition that would kill the aspiring baby once it left her womb. Deidra and her husband, T.K. were given a choice: they could abort the fetus, sparing it the certain death it would experience as a newborn, or they could bring it to term and allow it to live a very short, pain-wracked life. Being a god-fearing couple, T.K. and Deidra chose the second option.

The Lauxes could have celebrated their son's departure for Heaven alone and unnoticed, but instead, they decided to serve as models for Christian parenting by sharing the final moments of Baby Thomas's tortured suffering with the world.

God bless them for their sacrifice.

The comments at GodTube confirm that the Lauxes made the right decision. A number of them noted how the parent's joy surely outweighed little Thomas's agonizing death:
Nancy Sauseda · Subscribe · Hillsboro High School
Watched this video it was so very heart wrenching , but a beautiful story of a beautiful baby that brought joy to his parents lives for a short while.

Linda Hahn Zaveson · Top Commenter
I'm so glad they got to spend 5 days with Baby Thomas. The Bible says "with the Lord one day is like a thousand years". I think the same applies here.

Tomsky Esquejo · Mataderos, Distrito Federal, Argentina
Most tough decisions are made "out of love" which later produces profound "authentic" joy. As a priest, I thank you, T.K. and Deidrea, for this wonderful testimony and example you have given. Accept my humble prayers for you both, Thomas and your baby girl!

Yvonne Seymour Hays
♥ Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your joy and sorrow. God Bless your precious family! ♥
Other commenters note the love the Lauxes demonstrated by allowing the baby to writhe in painful agony for his short, little lifetime:
Kim Blakely-YellowHorse · Metropolitan State College of Denver
I am truly amazed by the bravery of these parents. Pure, unselfish, completely awe inspiring love that they gave to Thomas.

Tegan Ann Sullivan Woodfill · Subscribe · Madison, Indiana
I love that you guys showed him so much love. he died knowing you love him and always will.

Gail Burroughs · Works at I AM A FULL TIME GRANDMOTHER
That precious angel could not have had 2 more wonderful parents! Even though his little life was way too short, it was filled with more love than a lot of children receive in a lifetime!

Karen Duncan · Marketing at ASM
I feel so sorry for those parents. God Bless them. That poor baby, so sweet, so innocent showed them the true meaning of love. God is Awesome!
Finally, lets take note of these commenter' reminder that "there is pie in the sky when we die:"
Barbro Nustad Vaage
For just 5 days God putted an angel in your arms.Now he is a beautiful angel in heaven.

Florence Johnson · Penn State
You are amazing. You have a son awaiting you in the heavenly kingdom where he is perfect in every way.

I have to say that these are two extra ordinary parents. Wouldn't it be great if all children were lucky enough to have parents like this. Bless your family, may you find peace and comfort knowing that little Thomas is forever alive, living perfectly, in a perfect place, with our heavenly Father

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