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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Naughty Mexicans Turn Cathedral into Tenochtitlanianist Fleshpot

Last Sabbath, only two days after the sacred celebration of Black Friday, the traditionalist Catholic website, Tradition in Action, published photos of a sacrilege so great, I hesitate to share it with you now.

Here's how TIA described the sacrilege:
On this page you see photos of a leg & belly show under the pretext of performing Aztec Dances. It took place at the Cathedral Chapel of St. Vibiana, downtown Los Angeles.
TIA goes on to explain that these Mexicans exposed Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's gluten-bound flesh to this naked thigh and tummy pornfest:
Our point is that it is gravely unffitting for such a show to take place in a Catholic Church before the Altar, with the Blessed Sacrament present in the Tabernacle.
And that God should punish the so-called Catholics who allowed this travesty:
It is a profanation that Catholics should reject and make reparation for.
I know this man in Seattle who provides redemption by spanking naughty men for money. Let these desecraters of Jesus' sacred and wheaty flesh feel the sting of Seattle Sven's Mighty and Terrible Spatula of Redemption.

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