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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Political Theater in Virtual Reality

My Inner Frenchman says he is preparing an interesting bit of political theater at Second Life. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Second Life, it's a virtual reality world that's kind of like the Sims, but with real people playing (millions of them) the characters. I'll let My Inner Frenchman tell you more.

I'm hoping to have everything ready by Monday, but I need a little help. I need at least one male and one female to drop by the site for a few minutes. I'll tell you what I need when you get there. I should warn you that it will be edgy stuff--just think of it as acting. I'll be on Second Life most of the day--I'm taking a few hours off in the afternoon and early evening to protest the war and spend some time with the family. Do a search for GenJCChristain Homewood and IM me when you get there. I'll teleport you to the location.

I think this has the possibility of getting some very funny, but unwelcome, media attention for one of our favorite Republicans.

I'll be doing more in virtual reality in the future. I'm thinking of opening up a club where the French can get together to discuss politics and betray America. Yearly Kos is getting into the act too. This year, you can attend sessions by logging into Second Life. From what I understand, YK is going to be employing some pretty cool technology to do it.

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