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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Freeway Franco-Psyops

The Frenchman of the Freeways has developed an outrageous new psyop method designed to undermine Our Cherished American Way of Security. His new program, code named Take Back the Flag, involves the use of inexpensive foreign-made flags in posting along the freeways of America his insurgent propaganda against Dear Leader.

He has hijacked Ol' Glory and used it as an accompanying icon. This makes it easier to plant the message of rebellion, and results in a longer tenure until some manly patriot overcomes his fear of a bobby-trap and takes down the text.

Of course, the most treacherous aspect of this new tactic is that it threatens to convince Americans (in their moments of commuting weakness) that the true patriots are those who would undermine Dear Leader, his state secret security systems, his programs of perpetual preemption, and his institutions of interfaith initiatives.

Beside manufacturing and prolifically posting these messages, this dangerous rebel has provided "how to" videos and instructional web pages (here, here and here) in hopes of convincing people that freeway blogging is easy to do, inexpensive, highly effective, and exciting.

He is looking for volunteers to join his efforts. Now, with these new flag psyops, it is even more important than ever to infiltrate this organization.

Action! We need action! Any volunteers?

For more information on the organization, philosophy, and methods of this free speech hijacker, here is an intelligence intercept.