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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Ron Paul

Vote for me! I am Ron Paul!
I am a God! I know it all!
Women don't need the right to choose,
what you stiffs need is the right to lose!

Think about it, that happy game,
when everyone is broke the same!
When the country from end to end
is all nastiness without a friend,
where the jobs are making a tourist's capucino
or raking it in at some casino.

I'm for that all important libertarianty:
the right to steal someone's money!

I would not go to war you see,
I'd just sell another slice of posterity.
And when your children into slavery are sold...
...I'll make you buy them back... in Gold!

No one should get government protection,
and won't upon my election,
except a few based on personal selection,
to bring us closer to Hayekian perfection.
Shrimping, I tell you, is the right direction.

But women? They don't need control of fertility!
All the rapists should let their sperm go free!
What kind of tyranny would we be,
If for sperm equanimity?

And another freedom that we need,
to further that holy emotion greed,
is the right to shoot those human ants,
you know, the illegal immigrants.
Liberty for the people now that is great,
if you weren't here in time... well you're too late!

So step right up and chuck your retirement,
on an idea that is hell bent,
that every single dollar will be spent.
Come throw away those silly laws
that prevent those little human flaws.
If some guy wants to sell your children drugs,
the government shouldn't send in its DEA thugs,
and prevent the completion of this sale...
It's capitalism, they shouldn't go to jail!

If a man wants to get together with his gang,
and drag a nigger behind a car like a can,
well it is his car and his rope...
He should be free to use them, that's my hope.

This is the best law for the human race:
that at my fist stops your right, to have a face.

And when I get around to it, I'll repeal,
not just Great Society or the New Deal,
but everything that touches my eyes,
including that dirty Missouri Compromise.
If someone wants to take their slaves north they should be free
at least that's they way it seems to me.

And soon every reactionary Republican,
will know the freedoms that come,
at least when my campaign is done
from being a pragmatic Libertarian.

Being conservative means never having to say your sorry,
just borrow and squander without worry,
and make sure that not a single cent,
for social welfare is every spent.
The only solution for being black,
is be a token, or to get sent back!

So vote for me! I am Ron Paul!
I am a God! I know it all!

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