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Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Intro by Citizen N.

NOT BAD for a sick man working all gear and angles himself! Just a little intro vlog for my MTV gig. And hey, I only look a little bleary. Which is actually what impressed me. Aside from the fact that gettting through the entire approval process (for Street Team members, not just any member) felt like a patdown in an Israeli airport.

Not that I've ever been through an Israeli airport. I just like slinging metaphors around that deal with experiences I've never had. I mean...isn't that the core of Citizen Journalism? So say some.

You can find the embed code here if you need it for any reason, like say, for example, you hear a knock on the door in a minute and an agonized voice pleading "Help! Help! Can you spare an embed code for a Nezua vlog or somethin'?" (Don't laugh, it happens to me all the time.)

(Origin of this gig here)

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