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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why does Pastor Dan hate Republican Jesus

At Street Prophets:

Were it "just" the stuff about Proposition 8, the outcry would be much less, I think. In fact, Prop. 8 is just the tip of the iceberg. Warren is wrong about everything, from torture to stem cells to AIDS to assassinating foreign leaders to Iraq. Everything.

You couldn't ask for a poorer representative of who Obama is or claims to be than Rick Warren. He doesn't have to agree with Obama or progressives on everything, but it'd be nice if he'd agree on something.

Worse are the calls to trust Obama's judgment in the interests of "healing the divisions" in American politics. Some of those are well-intentioned, others are just smug. But they all peddle the same cheap grace: reconciliation without justice. It's more than just insulting to be told to kiss and make up with someone who's sinned against you when they still have their foot on your neck. It's actually wrong, in that it reinforces the original injustice.
Read the whole thing.

My Inner Frenchman chimes in.

Sixteen years ago this week, I was at a Hanukkah Party one of my professors threw just outside of DC. The place was packed with politicos and pundits--people like Frank Luntz and Eleanor Clift. Bill Clinton was the president-elect and the room was buzzing with the news that he'd overturn the ban on gays serving in the military. I remember talking to Fox News Democrat Mort Kondrake about it. He joked that he was all for it as long as they served as cannon fodder (yes, he's perfect for Fox News).

I've thought a lot about the buzz at that party this week. Bill Clinton, the triangulating DLC centrist, came into office fighting for gay rights at a time when civil unions were unthinkable.

Compare that to what we're seeing now. Barack Obama, a man who many thought was at least slightly to the left of Clinton, is entering office at a time when society is much more gay-friendly--even the Mormons have said they would not fight civil unions. Yet Obama selects a homophobe to give the invocation at his inauguration. It's as if he is looking to have a Sister Souljah with gays and those who support their basic human rights.

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