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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Hero of the GOP Base

We love Sarah Palin and want her to be our president, because she is intelligenter than us:

A couple of weeks before the Alaska legislature began this year's session, a bipartisan group of state senators on a retreat a few hours from here invited Gov. Sarah Palin to join them. Accompanied by a retinue of advisers, she took a seat at one end of a conference table and listened passively as Gary Stevens, the president of the Alaska Senate, a former college history professor and a low-key Republican with a reputation for congeniality, expressed delight at her presence.

Would the governor, a smiling Stevens asked, like to share some of her plans and proposals for the coming legislative session?

Palin looked around the room and paused, according to several senators present. "I feel like you guys are always trying to put me on the spot," she said finally, as the room became silent.


  1. mon General

    Poor Sarah the patsy Judas goat. It's one tribulation after another what with Tigg, Tagg and Trog and the daughter with the sprog who now advises abstinence and ain't getting hitched and the media and teh internets and...and...even her Republican supporters are asking her questions!. I for one can't wait for her presidency.

  2. General, Sir:

    I saw Governor Palin with an Inuit menu in her hand.

    Walking through the streets of Wasilla in the rain.

    She was on her way to her burned out church.

    Gonna get herself a big dish of wolf chowmein.

    Ah-oooo!, the wolfshootin' guv'nor. Ah-ooooooooooo!

    Ah-oooo! she's an airborn predator. Ah-ooooooooooo!

    You see her prowlin' round her SarahPAC blog, pumpin' up her base.

    She's got all the buzzwords down--pandering to them on sex, guns and race.

    Ah-oooo!, the wolfshootin' guv'nor. Ah-ooooooooooo!

    Ah-oooo! she's an airborn predator. Ah-ooooooooooo!

    etc., (with apologies to Warren Z.)

  3. "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter."
    Psalm 44:22

    Stop persecuting her with these endless questions about what she thinks!

  4. I don't know why she just didn't go for the tried and true, "I won't answer these questions the way people think I should." *wink* Seemed to work well enough the first time.

  5. They're not trying to put her on the spot, just nail her. Down.

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    She really doesn't seem to grasp that there are actual DUTIES involved in government - it's not like being Miss America, where you just have to show up at supermarket openings, smile, and cut ribbons.

  7. democommie --

    As Mr. Burns would say, "Excellent!"

  8. At least they didn't try to put her in the WET spot! That's for Bristol...

  9. Not even "Drill, baby, drill"?


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