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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The National Acadamy Sciences and the Immoral Bonobo

I was so happy to hear that Don McLeroy, Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, added Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.'s Sowing Atheism to the state's recommended reading list, I decided to do a review.

It's up now. please recommend it, so it becomes the top positive review.

5.0 out of 5 stars Let's not forget the bonoboMarch 17, 2009
By Gen. JC Christian, patriot (Tremonton, UT United States) - See all my reviews
This book is inspired. No doubt the author, Robert Johnson, went down to the crossroads, fell down to his knees, and was touched by the spirit as he scratched out the thesis for "Sowing Atheism: The National Academy of Sciences' Sinister Scheme to Teach Our Children They're Descended from Reptiles." He gets all of the basics right. Scientists are after our children. They are tempting them away from Christ with their shiny baubles of fact and reason. 

But even though I gave it five stars, I cannot say it is a perfect book. There is so much more Johnson could have done to illuminate the Academy's true motivation. It has to be more than simply a desire to promote atheism. There must be some kind of economic motivation as well. 

It's a shame Mr. Johnson didn't look into ties between the Academy and the contraceptive industry. It's a natural alliance, evolution and immorality, and one has to wonder if that's why scientists are so bent on establishing a relationship between God's children and that most immoral of apes, the bonobo.

Bonobos engage in all the most sinful acts of sexual immorality, everything from "thingy fencing" to "tongue spelunking." They do it to keep peace inside their group. They do not handle strife in a godly way--it is not settled by punishment or execution--it is resolved by hot, wild, orgasmic, wicked, ape sex, fluid flinging orgies of disgusting primate love. 

And that's what the contraceptive industry would like to see in human society. Free love, fornication, adultery are good for their bottom line. 

Bonobos, evolution, the contraceptive industry, and the Academy: there has to be a link there somewhere. Perhaps Mr. Johnson could look into it in his next book.


  1. General, sir, can there be any greater proof of the divine inspiration for your Godly mission than the fact that I was reading this comment when I heard your Tweet about this magnificent book?

    Is it odd, or is it God? You tell me.

  2. *snap* take that, atheists!

  3. they wont' let me comment. ; (

  4. You know, some things just never change. I remember being in biology class in my high school in Texas in 1975 and our born-again christian teacher made damn sure that we understood the State of Texas DID NOT allow the teaching of evilution in the schools.

    This did not stop me from placing out of two semesters of college biology, however. And somehow, over the ensuing 34 years, I've managed to pick up something of an understanding of evolution, no thanks to the fine education I got at Klein High School.

  5. Ha! Nice. We should also remember these "scientists" would have us believe there is something called "climate change." Obviously this is further proof that the Academy is full of atheists who worship at the altar of 'scientific data.' Heathens!

  6. What we really need is a National Academy of Seances to channel the Founding Fathers of our Christian Nation. They would never believe in this evolution garbage or other lies like men landing on the moon. We've let these eggheads with their Noble Prizes push us around for too long. It's time we took back the universities from the know-it-alls. Let REAL people teach there. I'm a self-taught expert in Post-Christian Eschatology and Theidiocy and I'd be glad to pass on my knowledge to the next generation, even if there isn't one since it's probably the endtimes. You won't make a monkey out of me Atheists, only God can do that and he won't since he already made them. HA!

  7. Dear diety I am glad I live in heathen Australia. It sounds verrrry scary in the USA.

  8. uriel1972, since you are named after an angel of The Most High, we will give you a pass on the heresy of your post.

    But get someone else to watch your back.

  9. Stunning. I absolutely ADORE that you've gone with the criticism sandwich (compliment/critique/compliment). It seems that people get so upset with a negative review.

    Bravo, Generalissimo. Bravo. (And what a lovely avatar photo.)

  10. when looking for a mate choose a bonobo
    they will love you be you rich or some poor hobo
    life is fun, it's not a farce
    when a chimp is in your arse
    and your friends will tip their hats and say "you go, bro"


  11. Obviously that godly zoo ape throwing concrete in the heathen europe was a patriotic chimp not a passive sex fiend bonobo. Thank the jeebus for those who will tease out the links between the forces of darkness and our primate partners in the war on terra!

  12. OMG that's hysterical!


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