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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spurned by O'Reilly's Hired Stalker

I can't can't find the words to express the sheer depth of the happiness I felt when I learned that O'Reilly producer/stalker/ambusher Jesse Watters is now on Twitter. The mere thought of him twittering his tweets stirred me in places that have laid dormant for many, many years. Unable to resist temptation, I reached out to him:
JC_Christian: Pro stalker @JesseWatters on twitter. I wonder if O'Reilly lets him touch his ReamMaster 5000.
But he responded, cruelly, by blocking me, thrice:

Now, I'm left to wonder if this is the same Jesse Watters who so courageously stalked and ambushed libislamunistfascistoblogger Amanda Terkel while she vacationed out of town, or is this an impostor, an enemy of all that is good, perhaps someone like those bastards who are spreading filthy rumors about Bob the Builder.


  1. I never talk about anyone's mother on the first twitter (or the second twitter--by the third twitter not only is mother fair game but so is dad and his Malkin Pocket Mischief Muffer®--he knows what I'm talking about).

    General: Jesse Watters is the Max Headroom of the Sir Douchealot wing of the Falafel Party. I heard he does a balloon folding act to die for. To.die.for.


  2. My inner Frenchwoman used to think that George Bush's mother would be so ashamed of the things he's done, and then realized that, on the contrary, she wouldn't be. Barbara's lack of shame was truly shameful.

    But, you know --shame on Jesse.

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