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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I blame love desegregation


  1. So telling. The red state "pious", self-righteous, gas bags who think they are the standard bearers of all things moral, are the most reprobate twisted hypocrites to be found. Exactly why we see Sanford cheating on his wife, why Newt delivered divorce papers to his wife as she lay on a hospital bed (he was cheating on her with a staff member), why preachers are continually railing against the immorality "out there" all the while doing the most bizarre crap you can think of. Gotta love them right-wingers. Sick and proud of it!!

  2. Anonymous10:22 PM

    General Sir,

    The Divorce and teen birth rate colums show Tennessee as red and Maine as blue, whereas the porn column (that has a titilating ring!) has them color-switched. I hope there are no more. I couldn;t find them. This is war, and the New York times can't afford to get it wrong........ Oh wait........Judy Miller?......... Never mind. As you were, gentlemen.

  3. Well, with all of that divorcin', and teen fornicatin' and one handed porno appreciation, it's no wonder that these states have had to turn to Jesus for redemption! Praise Be! All is forgiven!

  4. Blue Balls and Red Necks! Welcome to America!


  5. I love to see a similar chart tracking incidents of domestic violence, child abuse and church attendance by red and blue states.

  6. No District of Columbia? *Snif*?


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