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Friday, July 24, 2009

Patriotic teabagger-Americans Exercising their Second Amendment Rights

There's a new site on the internets tubes that tracks the arrests of our greatest Teabagger-Americans, the fine patriots who possess concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits. It's a shame that such true Americans are harassed for simply exercising their Second Amendment rights. You'd think the police would have much better things to do, like tazing the disrespectful or arresting brown people for losing their keys.

I've gone through the list and randomly picked a few cases to look at a little more closely. In each case, I found that the patriotic CCW holder was simply acting in the manner God and the NRA intended.

I've organized them into specific categories of lawful use below.

Auto Insurance Negotiation
There's noting that settles an auto insurance related negotiation faster than a 9mm.

July 2009
Edmond, Oklahoma – An angry driver pulls a gun on an Oklahoma couple during a road rage incident. Concealed weapons permit holder, 43-year-old Darryl Inman, charged with felony. Inman is currently a pilot for JetBlue.

December 2005
Beavercreek, Ohio – CCW holder Jason Todd Waple placed his 9 mm handgun up to a man’s neck after a New Year’s Eve traffic dispute.

Home Defense
A patriot's home is his "Forward Operating Base Alpha Charlie," and he's right to defend it.

July 2009
Tampa, Florida – Marcos Antonio Truillio, a concealed weapons permit holder, shot Carlos Aris, a graphics artist working for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, because he thought the man was breaking into his house. Family members say he had been going door to door evangelizing.

July 2009
Jeffersonville, Kentucky – Concealed weapons permit holder, 39-year-old Michael Dunn, is being held on seven counts of first-degree child sodomy in a case involving a 14-year-old boy. In a separate case, Dunn is being charged with filing incomplete firearms training records while servicing as a concealed weapons instructor. In February 2008 a grand jury found Dunn acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a man during a dispute at his home.

Defending Second Amendment (Stopping Gungrabbers)
Someone's cold, dead hands.

April 2009
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Richard Poplawski, a CCW permit holder, ambushed four police officers, killing three and wounding one.

July 2009
Galion, Ohio – Police responding to a domestic violence call shoot and kill William Kitzmiller. Concealed weapons permit holder Kitzmiller told his wife if she called the police he “would not be taken easily.” When police tried to disarm him an officer was shot in the hand, a second officer returned fire and struck and killed Kitzmiller.

Employment Related Need for Firearm
Some jobs require firepower.

July 2009
Rotterdam, New York – Gary DiCocco, CCW permit holder, was found guilty of promoting illegal gambling in a sport –betting operation which netted $250,000 in two months.

July 2009
Seven Hills, Ohio - Concealed weapons permit holder, 43-year-old Russell Larson, was pulled over for going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Larson, who had eight prior [I'd say eight DUI's qualifies as a career] operating a vehicle while intoxicated arrests, had a loaded .45-caliber pistol in his car, as well as a large folding knife, brass knuckles, and a bag of marijuana. He was charged with operated a vehicle while intoxicated , felony improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, using weapons while intoxicated, and possession of marijuana.

Training Youth Sports Officials
Nothing gets a ref's attention like a .44 in the ear.

October 2008
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Tye Burke, CCW holder, put a gun to a man's head at a children's soccer game because he took issue with a coach's call. The victim was the coach's husband.

Women Dig a Man with a Big Gun
Some of us need all the help we can get.

March 2009
Los Angeles, California - Concealed carry weapon permit holder, Robert O'Ryan was arrested after jumping the fence at CBS Studios and attempting to meet Shawn Johnson. A search of his car at the time of the arrest found a loaded handgun, a loaded shotgun, duct tape and love letters to Johnson. The 17 year old's parents are filing for a restraining order against O'Ryan.

February 2009
Brockport, New York - CCW holder Frank Garcia killed three people and wounded one in upstate New York. Reports are that the killings occurred because the women had reported Garcia for sexual harassment.

October 2008
Windsor, Cororado -CCW Holder, Thomas Krueger was arrested on school grounds carrying a loaded Glock and drinking alcohol.


  1. I really do wish that I could get away with shooting door to door evangalists. My municipality has a law against door to door sales but the statue doesn't cover religious organizations because, ostensibly, they're not businesses.

    They're still trying to sell me something.

  2. Religion enjoys a special protected place in our society where there is a distinct difference between separation of church and state and reality.

  3. Never bring a penis to a cock fight.

    Oops, sorry, wrong thread. Carry on.


  4. How long, oh Lord, how long, before some patriotic Republican will finally propose a law in Congress that says "Anyone carying a gun is immune from arrest for ANYTHING because the gun gives him a 2nd Amendment right to a get-out-of-jail-free card"? The Founding Fathers wanted people who carried guns to outside the reach of any puny little rules, no matter what they were doing.

  5. I disagree. Every case here has a person doing things that are illegal. People that break laws need to go away.

    I can argue for or against 'gun control' all day. I agree in ways with both sides. But here you have a one sided argument of hand picked cases from across the US spanning a decade. I have many cop friends, and they all suggest in the neighborhood I live in that I get a firearm. They see the bad things that happen to people every day.

    Two months ago, my officer friend ran down a perp two blocks from my house. This creep was messed up on drugs, threw a brick into the window of a house with lights and TV on. The man, his pregnant wife and baby ran half a block to the police station and the cops surrounded the area.

    These things happen.

    How many times have guns helped save lives? Does a criminal who thinks you MAY have a gun think twice? Statistics say thay do. It's the same reason 'House Alarm' palacards are placed in front of the houses of our street.

    And, oddly enough, the house behind us, with no placard, was the one that cot broken into 9 months ago.

  6. But here you have a one sided argument of hand picked cases from across the US spanning a decade. The oldest case here is from 2005, the rest are 2008-2009. And no one is denying the right to keep a firearm in the home for self-protection from real burglars. Personally, I don't think someone should be shot dead for throwing a brick through a window, but your milage may vary.
    The point being made I think, is that these are all people who were granted concealed carry permits, people we are told by the pro-gun lobby that are the very epitome of responsible gun owners, people who would never, ever, ever, not-even-once-after-too-much-tequila use a handgun irresponsibly, let alone in a criminal fashion.
    Concealed Carry advocates like to brag that having people carrying handguns around in public makes us all safer -- I think these examples underscore just how ridiculous that notion is.

  7. Some months back my neice's husband, a fine young fellow, was woken up by someone pounding on his door at 2:30 or so in the A.M. He went to the kitchen and, since he had no gun, he grabbed a large knife and carried it alongside his leg as he went to the door. He opened the door and peaked around the edge--at two cops who were there to tell him that his garage door was open. I told him that he should never open the door at 2:30 AM or anytime, for that matter, without knowing who is on the other side. I also told him to forget about the knife and get himself a nice mop handle, about 1-1/4" in diameter and cut it in half. I guarantee you that a knife is far more dangerous to it's improperly or untrained wielder than you might think. A mop handle on the other hand is easy to use and somewhat more difficult to hurt yourself with.

    I shudder to think what might have happened if he had opened the door with a gun in his hand.

  8. If this is the best they can find from the hundreds of thousands of law abiding CCW holders, then I feel pretty good about the system. The overwhelming majority of CCW permit holders are law abiding citizens. These cases are cherry picked for maximum shock value (and, of course, there is no plethora of news stories about the average CCW permit holder who quietly goes about his business and causes no harm or fuss to anyone else.


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