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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ann Coulter: Jew Hunter

A lot of great research is coming out now. First, there's the prenis news I broke on Friday. That's huge. If the prenis is indeed uncut, it means Obama can't be Muslim, and must be, as my research indicates, a reptillian alien from the Slzrd Star System.

I've also learned that Ann Coulter's investigation of AU's Rev. Barry Lynn has finally born fruit. Sister Coulter had a hunch that Rev. Lynn started out in life as an un-Jesused Juden. She acted on that hunch by commanding her followers to lay down their beer bongs and seek out the evidence she needed to prove her thesis. Specifically, she told them to look for photos from Lynn's bar mitzvah.

That's where her research effort stalled. Her instructions confused her followers. Words like "thesis" and "bar mitzvah" sounded foreign to them, so they responded in the only way they knew how. They mobbed town hall meetings and screamed about Mexicans from Kenya as they tried to slip roofies to the LaRouche chicks.

Fortunately, she didn't need them in the end. The threat of exposure eventually broke Lynn and he surrendered something even more damning than a few bar mitzvah pics: a birth certificate issued in Cameroon.

And it's written in French!


  1. Coulter would give away one of her books to anyone who can produce images that show a minister was once a Jew? I've got some drawings of Jesus at His bar mitzvah (some years before He became a fundie)...maybe she'll give me something. I know that she's kind of busy, what with being between genders and all, but I'm patient. Very, very patient.

    "My Mom was Jewish and that makes me Jewish, and I and the Heavenly Father are one, so therefore God is Jewish. In Heaven you gotta wear the skull cap."

    Jesus of Nazareth


  2. Written in French?!? My God, that's almost as scary as an engraved invitation to attend a dinner party with a death panel!

    But seriously, I can suggest a good way shemAnn Coulter could check on a man's circumcisional boner-fides. And she'd even have to stop talking while she was doing it! (Humming might enhance the sensation, though.) I'd volunteer to let her examine me, but I'm afraid she'd bite. And I've already been snipped once...

  3. I've always been fuzzy on the word "thesis" because it shows up twice in the lyrics of the opening theme of the classic anime series "Evangelion-Neon Genesis" for no reason at all.

  4. buko...
    that's why mann remains unwed. she bites the heads off anyone she mates with.

  5. Even if Obama is uncircumcised it just proves how far in advance the Islamomuslimfascist conspirators planned.


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