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Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Z. Williamson obviously has an enormous penis

Sci-fi/military author Michael Z. Williamson is a manly man. He's the kind of man who thinks self-awareness is for wussies and writes things like this.


  1. That. Cannot. Be. Serious.

  2. General, Sir:

    I would say that Mr. Williamson has a thing for MANLY Vikings. Especially if they have a big gun. He sounds like a guy who'd welcome a litte Spartan wrasslin'.

  3. Oh man, that was so mately! Wait -- I mean, "Oh mate, that was so..."

    The 10 Manliest Guns? It made me want to stroke tha barrel of my rifle, except my wife and the socialisticogunbannifascist Australian government won't let me have one. So I had to stroke the next best thing instead. And lick my computer screen when I got to the picture of Clint "Dirty Farry" Eastwood pointing his .44 "Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?" Magnum.

    I was licking the gun barrel, you perverts, not Clint's lips! Wait... that doesn't sound so good either.

  4. Lol. Penis issues.

  5. I like this part best:

    When the revolting scum start rioting like chimps and burning cars in the streets of America, it will quickly come to a stop because of Viking-sired rednecks with Remington 870 pump action shotguns.

    Good imagery. Don't worry, when the monkeys start rioting the blond Swedish Aryan hillbillies will take em' out.

  6. What the fuck kind of candyass commie is this Williamson character? Anyone knows real men don't need guns, they kill terrorists and other evildoers with their bare hands, just like Chuck Norris. Oh sure, you might argue that you can't fight a proper war bare-handed, but that doesn't mean you have to go the sissy route and start blasting people from a mile away with a scoped .50 cal - you go to war the way our proud Spartan ancestors did - naked, oiled with just a shield and a great big spear.

  7. the rev. paperboy:

    Are you sure it's "...naked, oiled with just a shield and a great big spear."? I mean, I got the naked and oiled part (workin' in the motor pool has its benefits)--but I always thought it was spear and great big SHIELD. No wonder all of the camp followers have been laughin' at me!


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