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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Celebrating in the City

From this week's edition of my hometown paper, we learn: Kaye's compounding her bingo addiction by gallivanting around with Republican Mahjong junkies; the Poulsons survive a geese burglary; Winnie proves global warming wrong; and everybody goes to the Brigham City to celebrate something at Maddox Ranch House.

Winnie Richman
Leader Corresponden

One really wants to hear about Starr Mitchell’s trip to Chicago, Ill...Husband Jim met her at the airport with a box of chocolate to help celebrate their wedding anniversary. They had a delicious dinner at Maddox Ranch House before coming home...

Kaye Draper reports going to the Republican for lunch with three friends on Tuesday. These are some of her friends who play Mahjong with her. Kaye also played bingo several times last week. Her week ended after church with dinner and cards with June Butcher at Carolyn and Bill Bolton’s home.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen report a nonstressful week and a wonderful three-day weekend. Sadly this summer quietude was broken when their geese broke into their garden and “got” everything but the tomatoes.

Winnie Richman conducted a “straw poll” involving the weather this summer. She asked many people of all ages and localities if they though this summer was hotter, cooler, or about the same as last year. More people think it has been cooler than last year. However, all those asked commented about how humid this summer as been.

On Wednesday evening Clynn and Winnie drove to Maddox Ranch House to join their family for dinner to celebrate Winnie’s birthday.

On Thursday Winnie’s sister and brother-in-law, Pam and Jack Apodaca, had a birthday breakfast at Denny’s in Tremonton with Clynn and Winnie. Yumm!

Friday Winnie rounded out her birthday week by going to the Logan LDS Temple with sisterin-law Gayle Richman.


  1. Dammit anyways. Nobody told me Starr Mitchell was coming to Chicago.

  2. General, Sir:

    I can't help but notice that the Maddox Ranch has a second story. Any idea what goes on in the upper room? Does it involve lime jello?

  3. Mah-jong, bingo and cards in one week? I think someone has a gambling problem.

  4. Why does Kaye hate Jesus? Cards!?! On Sunday?!?
    Just looking at Maddox Ranch House sends a chill up my spine. I've heard that on some nights you can see the ghost of Irving Maddox chasing the ghost of Wilma Maddox through the main dining hall with a meat cleaver.

  5. I'm with the rev. paperboy and Brian on this gambling issue. You can bet that just beneath the blandly psychotic surface lurks an army of Wagering Demons. The entire town is compulsively degenerate, and by the looks of the code employed in the report, they owe some pretty bad people big bucks. The code is as follows:

    Geese broke into the garden and "got" everything. Geese is Bird Latin for Sicilians and "eggs" equals gold, i.e. moola. The "got" refers to John Gotti--when the mob broke into their home they stole their earnings, though to be fair they had welshed on the vig.

    The anti global-warming "poll" was too cute by half. The town, sensing a crackdown by the FBI, made sure everyone was on their best behavior, no doing anything that would "bring on the heat" so they all agreed that things were "cooler" than the previous gambling season. The humidity referred to the sweat they would feel as the Mob dismembered their families.

    I will pray for these sinners, but am tempted to lay odds on their not making it onto Celestial Kolob.


  6. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    Thanks for taking care of that. I was busy with some silliness, urgent silliness, at my blog.


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