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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Department of Book Reports: This and That

Seattle Tammy and I have been busy this week with NetRoots Nation in Second Life, of which, more anon.

But this exciting news! Thomas Pynchon has published a new novel, a stoner/noir novel set in LA during the seventies. It seems to be one of his more accessible novels. Here's a video clip explaining it all
We are enjoying the NetRoots Nation Convention this year via Second Life. Here's a short explanation of SL and how you can participate!

Pictures from Today
Here's real evidence that We Really Look Like Our Avatars.
Leandrah looking at LuLu looking at Linda. Or something like that.
CS Cappler looking at cskendrickTalin looking at Trouble.Look! Up in the air! It's RevPaperboy!

Those Canadians! They want to Dominate us and explain Health Care.
Drop by Moody Loner's place to get yer WoW on.
Here's the intersection of Rainbow Mittens & The General.
Moody and I test the sit-n-spin before any big-time authors come over.
StormBear would like you to send a book to a soldier.

It's been a long day. Time to go dancing!
Griff & PbDocrailgun & ChurchMelzi & Harlequin

Saturday AUGUST 15 Schedule
All times on the schedule are SLT. All events marked with a * are EXCLUSIVE to Netroots Nation in Second Life and WILL NOT be seen at the real-life convention in Pittsburgh. All streamed events and films will be shown in the Netroots Nation arena unless otherwise noted.
6:00AM: “A Conversation with Valerie Jarrett.” Stand-up comic and blogger Baratunde Thurston of Jack & Jill Politics sits down for an exclusive conversation with one of President Obama’s most trusted advisors, Valerie Jarrett. Streamed live from Pittsburgh.

9:00AM: “Building a 21st Century Economy.” New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, Change to Win Chair Anna Burger and economist Dean Baker will join us in Pittsburgh for a discussion about the economy and how it affects working Americans. The panel will be moderated by Kevin Drum of Mother Jones. Streamed live from Pittsburgh.

12:00PM: “Outside Getting In: Tying the Progressive Movement to Congress for Policymaking” This panel will discuss how the Netroots and progressive movement can have a greater impact on Congress. We’ll also discuss current Congressional processes and some of the innovations being pursued by the Progressive Caucus. Panelists include Joan McCarter, Darcy Burner, David Waldman, Jane Hamsher, and Shaunna Thomas. Streamed live from Pittsburgh.

4:00PM*: “Mountain Top Removal: A Documentary by Michael O’Connell.” Netroots Nation in Second Life is proud to present Machael O’Connell’s 2006 documentary about the coal industry in Appalachia, Mountain Top Removal, followed by a conversation with the filmmaker.

7:00PM*: NNSL Formal Ball Come dance with us at the Netroots Nation Formal Ball, held at the Netroots Nation Ballroom. DJ Dano hosts.


  1. How come there's never any litter or smudges in that Second Life suburb, or village, or whatever it is? (because I sure can't find it on any map in my Britannica Encyclopedia, and I got the last edition they printed in book form!)

    I don't trust a place where there's never any dog poo on the footpaths. It just ain't natural. Makes me suspect they got a lot of Mexicans or something cleaning up at night. If a place is too purty, it makes me think it has too many rules. Rules are an affront to freedom!

  2. Loved the Pynchon youtube: me and Ofbob had good friends in Venice, CA. Drum circles, burning hemp, too much wine, sunsets over the Malibu hills...we'd wake up in a fog and drive east in the early light, going home to feed the dogs and cats, already missing the salt air.

    One of the reasons I left L.A. was that it dared me to leave, dared me to float away from its warm, sexy lounge act of a city. Anything you want, you got it, but you have to stay in its clouds, in its marine layer. Some of the greatest talent in America make their way there, and their best hope in TV is to hold an audience for 22 minutes so a car salesman or a dick hardener or a snake oil merchant can dance in front of the viewers, for moola makes the wheel turn round and round. L.A. is great, truly wonderful, but long ago the City of Angels was told to aim low and pretty much asked to stay there. Pity, that.



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