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Sunday, September 27, 2009

He even plays classic rock

Not only does he dip and hate Obama and the Gay, skoalrebel also plays a mean "Smoke on the Water."

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  1. I would truly be embarrassed to match my socialist finger picking skills against such a master. Wait a second! He wasn't picking his nose?

  2. General, Sir:

    If Richie Blackmore ever hears about this, that lamefuck is toast.

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Absolutely brilliant. Deep Purple, eat your heart out, this dude should just make an entire album of covers from Machine Head, it would blow the original LP out of the water.

  4. These Youtubes prove that there is a god.

  5. I love it! Though I think I dropped 40 points off the ol' IQ watching the past three YouTubes. It was worth it.

  6. I’m just sayin’ my 13 year old could totally, like, kick this guy’s ass playin’ “Smoke on the Water” on the viola. On the friggin’ viola. Is alls I’m sayin’.

  7. I am scared. Im a musician and I go out of my way to
    encourage everyone to play and make music. This guy has
    unequivocally ruined my whole life philosophy in two minutes

  8. I know it's fun to show the stupid people for what they are, but this guy actually seems to be mentally ill or damaged in some way. It just doesn't seem fun anymore to pick on someone who probably can't fight back. There are plenty of people out there who genuinely choose to be stupid that you can go after. This guy should probably be left alone.

  9. Xan, I've watched a lot of his videos, and it appears to me that he doesn't turn on the camera until he's drank a case of Pabst.


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