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Monday, October 26, 2009

Even Jesus' Assassins Need to Eat

Dave Leach
Coerced Childbirth Enforcer

Dear Mr. Leach,

I'd like to bid on one of the items you're auctioning to raise funds for the pro-life warrior who executed Dr. Tiller. Specifically, I'm interested in the cookbook written by clinic bomber and Tiller wounder Shelley Shannon. Can you provide more information about the book?

Is there a chapter on the kinds of meals one should prepare before embarking on an OB/GYN hunt? Does one eat lightly before killing in the name of life? Is there a recipe for a doctor's heart casserole one might serve at a post-execution pro-life pot-luck celebration? How about headless gingerbreaddoctors? They'd be a hit at Christmas parties.

Please get back to me soon. I'd hate to miss out on the bidding.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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  1. General, Sir:

    I hate to step out of my usual role of sickofant-in-chief but, now you're gone to farr.

    I can put up with a lot of tastelessness (you've seen my leisure suit wardrobe) but even I got SOME sorta gag reflex and this post has pushed my "ejectulation" button.

    A fucking, green "gingerbread man"? Ah, c'mon, Sir, say it ain't so. Gingerbread men are s'posed to be sortabrown with little raisins for eyes. Now, if that was a "Peep" then that would be okay. Because "Peeps" come in every color of the rainbow, EXCEPT black.

    Sorry, Sir, I'm putting my kneepads back on, but I just had to say my piece.

  2. General, Sir:


    I thought you might want to round up some troops and go to the aid of this poor, beleagured "tough talking ex-marine":

    If you don't fight the sortabrowns in New Mexico, pretty soon the whole durned country will be New Mexico!

  3. Glob of insentient cells!?

    Haven't you heard right-to-lifers gushing about the feelings and the whole (pre)history of that 'glob'?

    I recall pamphlets with whole biographies penned by impassioned supporters who goadingly asked as they handed them out 'Don't you think abortion is murder?'

    I since feel inclined to ask the (my) family jewels how they're doing...

  4. Too much! I just can't imagine Jesus in a suit.

  5. I found this post on Google and was disappointed to find no recipes for actual fetus.


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