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Monday, October 12, 2009

A man called MegaDittos

I befriended a fellow dittohead intellectual the other day. There was a certain vibe. It felt like kismet. I hoped we could take advantage of the new hate crimes law and have sex with corpses together. But apparently he misunderstood me:
Obviously these guys were trying to suggest that I, @MegaDittos, have a very small penis; but in their zeal to insult me they turned the insult on themselves.
Now I've shamed myself. I should have waited before responding to his tweet about being 6'0" and benching 385lbs, but I was so desperate to make a good impression, so intent on demonstrating that I was his match, I just listed the first attributes that popped into my head. Sure, seeing Red Dawn 327 times is impressive, but having a small penis...well, maybe I could have come up with something better.

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1 comment:

  1. General, Sir:

    I think you should have said "I like men with small penises" that would have swollen his codpiece--You betcha.


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