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Monday, October 12, 2009

I saw cotton and I saw black; tall white mansions and little shacks.

Robert Stacy McCain
Oppressed Confederate-American

Dear Mr. McCain,

You're right. When libislamunistofascists hear about a son of the Confederacy like Pat Lanzo, they immediately attack him by flinging charges of racism. They look at the signs he places at his roadhouse and condemn him without even trying to understand the heavy burden he carries as a Confederate-American. They fail to understand that phrases like "Obama's plan for health-care: Nigger rig it," "A Monkey, Obama. Is there a difference?," "Damn Yankees May Have Taken Our Niggers But Not Our Guns," and "Obama A Vision of a dream - James Earl Ray" are simply examples of policy disagreements made by what you describe as a beat-down Southerner who finally "surrender[ed] to the stereotype."

You know how Lanzo feels--no doubt you too have been tempted to surrender to the stereotype. Your ties to such white pride sites as VDARE and organizations like American Renaissance are often cited as evidence that you are a racist. The same holds true for how libislmunistofascists interpret your opposition to mixed-race marriages, defense of slavery, and fondness for the Confederate cause.

It's amazing you haven't given into temptation and begun flinging the word "nigger" around (at least not in public, anyway). Maybe you should. It might feel liberating to someone like you.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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  1. Dear JC:

    Quit it with the Red Queen routine. Despite your insistence that words mean exactly what you say they mean, the Left does not have the exclusive right to define "racism," etc.

    BTW, have you noticed the paucity of BLACK PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW ME accusing me of racism? Is that not a rather telling detail?

  2. Also, you are asserting "facts" that are not facts, JC. You really need to be more careful with your sources.

  3. I think the Southern Poverty Law Center is a pretty good source on racism.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The worst racists are those who are afraid to admit that they are racist.

    Being a racist and a coward is no way to go through life, son.

  6. McCain could have stopped at: "BTW, have you noticed the paucity of BLACK PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW ME."

    His argument is like Anita Bryant saying, "have you noticed the paucity of gays who actually know me, who think I'm anti-gay?" Bigots don't tend to have lots of acquaintances among the people they shun.

  7. You racers are gonna wear the shine off of your newest and bestest meme-cudgel if you keep misusing it. Give it a rest, already; mostly the only real, true, modern-day racists are you guys running the projectors.

    And the SPLC is a good source? What a joke! That site is an extreme leftist hate site who'll target anyone not speaking in accordance to the leftist narrative; they are much like...Oh. This one.

    Carry on, Racer.

  8. Yup, like I said, the worst racists are the ones who are too cowardly to admit it.

  9. That be you then, Davy boi.

  10. Anonymous3:16 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Apparently, announcing your revulsion to race-mixing is evidence you aren't a racist. Who knew?

  12. Nice to know the right-wing self-parody continues unabated.

  13. It's too bad that a patriotikkk Southerner like Mr. McKKKain has to keep explaining to Northerners who are all "sensitive" and "touchy-feely" and "Red Queeney" about "racism" that THEY are the racists.

    (Imagine me holding up my fingers doing air quotes when I speak the words in quotation marks there using a fakey, strained voice to say them. Or better yet, DON'T imagine me doing that. It would make me sound like a ghey boi.)

    What I'm saying is, some people are always worried about "Who might be offended if I call someone a 'smelly black nigger' or 'buck-toothed slant-eye Ching-Chong' or 'ugly fat trailer trash doughboy who could be cooked in a pot to feed a village of Polynesian cannibal islanders for a month.'?" And you know why those sensitive liberal pansies are worried? BECAUSE THEY'RE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT RACE!

    They are the REAL racists, because they always view people in terms of how they look, and what their non-white "feelings" might be. But a colour-blind post-racist like Mr. McKKKain sees people only as people.

    And therefore, if a non-American secret Islamosocialist like Barack Hussein Osama is ruining America with his fascistic communism, McKKKain is not afraid to call him a nigger. Because he's so non-racist, he doesn't even care about racism any more. The fact that Hussein Osama is black has nothing to do with why McKKKain hates his coon ass so much.

    Or something like that.

    Ennyhoo, I'm glad that McKKKain (if the commenter is the real McKKKoy) chose to visit this Godly site. You're amongst real Americans here! Except for me, but I used to be one.

    Alls I can say, mate, is you should try putting up those signs here in the REAL South, the second-whiteset nation on this side of the globe. (New Zealand's the first -- with all their rain and cold, those Kiwis are as fish-belly as the sheep they bugger.) You'd be surprised at the reaction you'd get to signs with words like that, suggesting shooting an elected official. It would make you forget all about what some whingeing Northerners like the Southern Poverty Law Centre have to say about what you're doing.

  14. That just blew my mind bukko... someone so above racism and race that using racial slurs and attacking somesone based on race doesn't make them racist. Amazing.

  15. General, Sir:

    I see you're getting a visit from our old pal SerrAin't. If nothing else he certainly confirms the notion that the SPLC is a good source. Watch out for him though, he is a wily rascal. You might remember him and a few of his pals from SixMeatPuppets Buffet.

  16. Jeez...and here I thought the newest and bestest meme was to circumnavigate all opinion about the Obama administration around Godwin's Law.

    Man...what was I thinking???!!!!!one!!eleven!

  17. That just blew my mind bukko... someone so above racism and race that using racial slurs and attacking somesone based on race doesn't make them racist. Amazing.

    It doesn't have to blow your mind, Mike. You just have to send your mind completely through Alice in Wonderland's Looking Glass, to the point where you believe that black is white, freedom is slavery, O'Brien is holding up three fingers -- no! four fingers... If you can visualise this, you will know the mind of the modern American non-racist kkkonservative.

    Some people have to read blogs like RedState to tap into this wisdom. Me, I just talk on Skype to my Fox-watching mother in the good ol' USA! USA! USA! uber alles...

  18. Democrappie!

    I knew you'd be around here, slurping on your skinny "General Sir". I thought about you t'other day; pointed out your douchebag blog to some aghast onlookers. The consensus was that you keep your twisted sister brand of hate confined to whatever anal crack you're now molesting in. Right here, this shitheap, seems as good a place as any.

    Yeah, I remember General Fail from the Symantix days. General, 'Sir', have you dug up Steve Gilliard and had a nice skull fucking session yet? There you go. Announce that as an event; that might help you in your fundraising.


  19. ShitSt8d:

    You have such class. You are so fucking scary. I just can't tell you how much a racist, gun loving fuckhead like you frightens me.

  20. The General said "Stay classy, Serr8d"

    As for me, I'd like to see him start...

  21. Yeah, classy, 'General'. As if anything you've ever said or posted online has been graced with 'class'.

    You're a race-baiting general-purpose blog whore with a 'staff' consisting of the likes of 'democommie', who at your becks and calls attacks with the furies of mentally defective and mindless lunatics. So, 'General', show me some bits of 'class' as you've authored, oh, in the last year or two, and I'll pay attention.

    Otherwise, keep your 'democommie' party hacks, and yourself, contained to your own squalid underground bunker. And leave your betters, Robert Stacy McCain included, alone.

    (Oh, but I hear Charles Johnson is looking for a date. Maybe you two could hook up and do the bigot-hustle together, if you can edge out Andrew Sullivan and his Power Glutes that is..)

  22. SerrAin't:

    Aside from being a lying fuckbag, you're delusional. Robert Stacy McStain, the high point of whose career in "journalism" was working for the Washington Times? That Robert Stacy McStain? Yeah, he's a great guy. Good to see that all of you turds in the punchbowl of life are the same.

  23. Serr8ted, so you're homophobic too. No surprise there.

  24. I thought about Democommie t'other day; pointed out his blog to some onlookers. The consensus was that I keep molesting my sister's anal crack.

    I'd say Demo has not-so-secret admirer! Mate, he's steering other people to your blog -- isn't that called blogwhoring? -- and the thought of you makes him think about sex, Sex, SEX! Face it, Demo, you're exciting this bloke.

    Remember in 3rd grade when part of you wanted to touch Little Susie, but you were worried that would make you look sissy, so you pulled her pigtails instead? Something tells me that's what's going on here. How sweeeeeeet!

    I think you two should get a room. Then you should sneak outside, block the door and run a hose from your truck's tailpipe in through the window...

  25. Serr8d wrote "And leave your betters, Robert Stacy McCain included, alone."


    Serr8d, I have some advice for you.

    Buy a dictionary.
    Look up the word "standards".
    Try and get yourself some.

    As it stands, you are a raging, mouthy, opinionated individual with access to a keyboard and the internet and precious little else, like style, rationality, and intelligence.

    Not that I am surprised. All we need do is look to the people you defend and it all becomes clear.

  26. Well, 'General', I hear crickets chirping (and your trained alklebiters peeping), but you've no response to my challenge.


    'General', show me some bits of 'class' as you've authored, oh, in the last year or two, and I'll pay attention.

    I'll bet you can't.

    But you certainly can be proud of your flea circus, can't you?

  27. Serrtifiable:

    Are you all caught up on your second amendment studies, bunky? Y'know, "This is my rifle, this is my gun...", I know it's a tough un, but you'll git er done. How's your pal, Semenantix?

  28. Seerinflatable:

    "trained alklebiters "

    What, we chew seltzer tablets on command? Speaking of command, why don't you get some over the English language? Sure, it will hurt. Those little gray cells of yours are not the strongest in the world for sure! But you might come out of it a better person. You might also remain a reprehensible, ignorant, obnoxious prick, but at least you would know you had tried!

    Well, probably not, but hope springs eternal!

  29. Serr6d, I'm not sure how to define classy other than to say it does not include making jokes about skullfucking one's deceased friend. I can assure you I haven't done that.

  30. There you are!

    You are right, that wasn't classy, but you've yet to show me your 'real' 'classy' self.

    Here, allow me.

    From your Twitterings...

    If #Catholic Ch is so worried about pro-gay Catholics on TV, they should put pants on the Pope. #p2 #lgbt

    Is that classy? Anti-religious bigotry, sexual innuendo.

    O'Reilly pleasured himself w/ vibrator while harassing Makris #5yrsAgo #p2 #tcot #fox

    Getting better all the time! (Bill O'Reilly is my friend, BTW.)

    The Clapping Manboobs rt @liberalchik #NameRushsTeam St. Louis #Manboobs

    Oh, there you go, Master of Class. (Rush Limbaugh is my friend, too.)

    This next one is the reason for my classy earlier post:

    Thanks Rep @louiegohmert for corpse sex tip. Friday nights just got better #p2 #tcot #lgbt

    'Corpse sex tip'. You started this, obviously. I just brought things home to roost.

    So, stay classy yourself, 'General'. Or things will get thrown right back in your face.

  31. Gen'l, is "Corpse Sex Tip" going to be the replacement to "Helmet Tips"? Because my questions never got answered there.

    Luckily, I have many questions pertaining to sex with corpses. And in my line of work, I have mucho opportunities to do so -- many while the bodies are still warm! How good is that, eh?

    So please let everyone know if there's a special e-mail addy to send those queeries to.

  32. Gneral, Sir:

    Oh, my goodness gracious, Sir! You've said some terrible things about Billy O'Lyingfuck and Rush
    Limpboy!! They're all true of course, but that's beside the point.

    Poor Blimpbaugh has come, belatedly, to the realization that demonizing folks who are not your shade of pasty whiteness might come back to bite him on his pionidally encysted ass. Oh, well that's why GOD made oxycontin, to get poor Rash through the bad days.

    And Mr. O'lietome has likewise found out that calling female staff and jerking off while making sexually explicit comments on the phone can cost more than standard toll rates.

    Poor misunderstood wunderKKKinds of the reich, both of them. And SerrTaint is their buddy. What are we to make of that?

  33. Here's another guy who's not racist!

    As for why he wouldn't issue a marriage license to a miscegenating couple, the justass of the peace said he was "doing it for the children" because if any were born to such an unhappy pair, their lives would be miserable. And everyone knows that NO ONE has children unless they're married first.

    Money Quote: "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing of the races that way."


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