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Monday, November 23, 2009

Orderliness is Next to Godliness

And, by God, we will have order:

An Arkansas cop has been suspended after tasering a ten-year-old girl who repeatedly "screamed, kicked and resisted" when her mother attempted to get her to have a shower before bed.

In the old days, they'd let us stone her.

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  1. I think the police should assault anyone whose parents ask them to.

  2. I sure would have liked a Taser when I was an assistant principal at a middle school. There would have been no need for lunch duty and detention. Oh, and bus duty would have been a breeze.

    On the other hand I would have had to spend a lot of time at the hospital visiting puking and twitching 7th graders.

  3. Rene ala Carte:

    Not if you adjust your Phaser to "Obliterate"

  4. .. 8th graders too ...

  5. can u add my link on your blog?

  6. God-damnit, in the old days, her husband would have been able to stone her.


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