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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Olberman slams our TeabaggerCare Bill

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  1. Is it still reform if it destroys not-rich America?


  2. Let's try health care 'reform' on a national scale that didn't work in Massachusetts. Great idea, Harry and Barack! Sometimes, like Mark Twain (okay, often), I wonder "whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."

    Of course, this isn't really traceable to stupidity -- it's a clear-cut case of greed for corporate campaign donations -- not just to Traitor Joe and the Blue Dog Choir, but to Rahm Emanuel's entire fetid DNC operation, which he now oversees from his WH office.

    It seems the whole damn thing is going to have to collapse, worse than the Great Depression, before the Dems, the corporatists, and the 'independent' voters wake up and smell the smoldering ruins. (The GOP is permanently unconscious in this regard.) Maybe then we'll get regulation of the corporations and the banking and financial markets, and true health care reform. Unfortunately, we might not have to wait long for this disaster, the way things are trending.

  3. Mr. Tattlesnake,

    This is why I've been suggesting that the very least Americans should consider, simply as a matter of prudence, is to begin a national dialogue on where America wants to head toward in the future, regardless of what you have from the past.

    It is just far too important to do so.

  4. A national dialogue is a nice idea, Joe, but, sadly, in the current climate it usually devolves into people with teabags hanging from their hats screaming incoherently at everyone else.

    A large part of the rest of the populace is gobsmacked by credit card debt, foreclosure notices, job dismissals, and keeping their heads above water, so they don't feel much like talking.

    Others are obsessed with Tiger Woods' sex life, at least until another photogenic young blonde woman goes missing, so they aren't much help, either.

    Then there are the politicians, lobbyists, corporatists, media beasts, and other eternally doomed leading this Confederacy of Dunces around by the nose, and they're only in it for the money.

    That leaves a hearty band of bloggers and other progressive cranks willing to engage in any sort of sensible dialogue, and here we are.

    Joe, we can't even get real health care reform passed -- how are we ever going to involve regressive Fox News America in a national dialogue?

  5. Mr. Tattlesnake, Sir,

    I agree completely HOWEVER, I know that it is in the essence of the mildest whimsy, where imaginations soar, even if only in the spottiest of opportunities, that such a massive project will rise and fall, eventually gaining momentum.

    Such a quest is best not directed by people with 'interests', but by people who in their leisure time choose to be a part, to investigate, to discuss, in an atmosphere of good will and selflessness.

    As you can imagine, this will only take place as a lark among progressive minds, who've secretly concluded 'So what else where you going to do with your spare time?'

    There's no battle you can fight for your country, or other sacrifice you can shoulder that would have a more profound effect than to set off in this direction, even if the rest of America finds it laughable.

    It is REALLY worthwhile.


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