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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God Endorses Lowdencare

After pleasing our Lord by asking forgiveness for worshipping the false idol of the "intellectual mind," this young woman is filled by the Holy Spirit who expresses God's love through a kind of chicken-inspired ballet. Surely, this is a sign from God that he approves of Sue Lowden's Chickens for Checkups healthcare plan.


  1. O.M.G.
    I am completely speechless

  2. Buncha egghead brainiac poindexters in those hoity-toity professor's caps! They censored the poor Christian girl before she could start speaking in tongues. And maybe ripping all her clothes off to be ready for Teh Rupture. That woulda converted that whole auditorium, I just know it!

  3. Praayse the lawd! Jeebus orgasims fer evr'body!!!

  4. Her eggs! I want her eggs!


  5. “I’ll have what she’s having!”

  6. Can't be right, It must be Fish for Health Care
    After all he can manifest lot's of fish.
    It would bring down the cost and all...

  7. wow.

    just wow.

    the sick thing? is that she's probably part of some theocratic Greek house where she'll get all kinds of employment & social opportunities with her other histrionic-frenzied little friends...

    the Greek System in our educational institutions is probably a *root cause* of much of the nepotism, corruption, influence pedalling & sheer short-termed self-interested stupidity of North American government & business decision-making.

    when we encourage 'social promotion' or over a meritocracy or ethics...
    we end up with the sorts of societies that encourage witch-burnings...

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Holy shit, that was weird!

  9. Anonymous8:13 PM

    General Sir,

    There's a story behind that. I speculate a lifetime of evangelical Christian teaching blown away by a spurned love. I have seen plenty a debutante-type go quite mad over such. Think about Laura Bush and the tiny stop sign.


  10. I just love the christian concern of 'Someone get her an ambulance' and then just leaving her there and continuing the ceremony. A girl sobbing under a rostrum is truly a symbol of Christian love.

    PS. Excuse me, but who is this not-BC? I was BC before you were BC. Cease to be BC!

  11. General, Sir:

    You know I don't hardly never watch them videos. The reason how come I don't is 'cuz they're usually just reinforcing that idea about "The Ban-Lon of Evil" (although, personally I think that "wife beaters" are much more eviller). But, I watched part of this one and right at the end there, they started playing some pretty rousin' music. It sounded like something from "Ben Hur" or "The 300". Sir, was there gonna be some Spartan Wrasslin' after the commencin' was done?

  12. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I kept waiting for her head to spin around......

  13. Was that, by any chance at all, the class valedictorian?
    If so, she does not value anything of learning.
    We live in times of mass hysteria.

  14. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Sorry 'bout that, BC.

  15. Trying to change it, BC.


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