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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's Protest Against the Socialist First Amendment

Patriots confront a secretly Muslim black man at today's Oh-My-God-They'll-Pray-In-There fest.

The Red Guard cadres of the Glorious Conservative Christian Cultural Revolution were there in force.


  1. It's not because he was black that this provocateur -- probably sent by CNN or MSNBC, as someone in the crowd noted -- almost got ripped limb from limb.

    New Yorkers are accustomed to blakfrickin' Americans -- they've even had one as a mayor. (Mayorship in NYC started going to hell after Franklin Delano Rosenfeld installed that Eye-tie LaGuardia in Greasy Mansion, I tell ya.) If the interloper had just kept walking quickly through the multi-cultural crowd of white-skinned people, with his eyes to the ground, making no sudden moves, he probably wouldn't have gotten moblested.

    But did you see his HAT?!? It wasn't a normal American chapeau like a construction helmet, baseball cap turned around backwards or the kind of Stetson worn in imaginary Confederate cavalry charges. No, it was the kind of head-gear I vaguely recall seeing in footage from some swarthy country on CNN. CNN -- I knew there was a connection to that guy!

    He shoulda known that in the Free-est Country in the World®™© that you better be careful of what's on your head, if you don't want it ripped off by patriotikkk Teabaggomericans. I mean your head ripped right off your shoulders, not your fezastrakhanyarmulke, or whatever they call it. America has Freedom of Speech, but the Holy Constitution doesn't say anything about Freedom of Hats.

  2. This country is so fucked.

  3. *sigh*
    What these teabaggoAmericanPatriots don't seem to understand is that a Jihadist Planning Centre helps the war.
    One of the truly great feats of modern terrorism was 9/11. Not just for its scope, but that it was planned quite a long way away. I mean, how accurate can you be about the lay of the land just using Google.

    Nothing major from the terrorists has happened since 9/11. We've hardly even heard from Goldstein... er... I mean bin Laden. Quite frankly, the war against terrorism has been pretty one sided. Hyped up uber patriots are under threat of being seen as nothing more than rascist xenophobic chicken littles.
    Seriously, I think the uber-tea-bagger-patriots-American need to have a good, long hard look at themselves. How do you prosecute an eternal war if you win after the first attack?

    That is why the should let the Jihadist Planning Centre get built. The war won't be forever if American wins so quickly. The terrorists need a bit of a leg up right now. They're hurting. They need to be able to get better intelligence about where they are going to blow up. They can only do that from several blocks away from Ground Zero.

  4. Unhappy, stupid, racist people are a force to be reckoned with, my friends! Wear a white cap at your peril!


  5. I object to a lot of the establishments near the holy, blessed, consecrated, hallowed, revered, sanctified, sacrosanct “ground zero,” including the strip clubs, the liquor stores, and the betting parlors. I am forming the “Nieuw Amsterdam Restoration Foundation,” with the goal of raising $5B for the purpose of buying up all the real estate within 10 square blocks of “ground zero,” razing it to the ground, and building a wall around it. Please send your donations via paypal to

  6. I had no idea Mickey Rourke was such a clever word-smith!


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