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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you have as happy a Thanksgiving as our greatest president and his loyal servant, Karl Rove, had in the photo below.


  1. And a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family, General!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, General, and to all my friends in the G(3C)R.

    By the way, General, somebody on Twitter commented that Obama shouldn’t pardon the turkey this year – he should strangle it with his bear hands, as a message to Republicans. Heh.

  3. OMG! Obama's gone Grizzly on us with bear hands???!!!!????

  4. Happy day off to the General's mighty hordes!

  5. Love ~ Love ~ Love ~

  6. What a big peckerhead! Or headpecker...

  7. jcricket: Thank god I put down the coffee before I read your comment, or you’d owe me a new laptop. I hate it when I make typos, but sometimes they’re damn funny. Even if unintentionally so.

    Bare hands, bear hands. Whatev.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody.

  8. Looks like the turkey wanted some shrivelled giblets of his own.

    Happy Thanksgivingnessfulosity.


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