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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Liberating Babies From The Brown

I'm still sleeping in my car outside OfJoshua's motel room, but I'm grateful to see that there are still folks around who are happy to shoulder the white man's burden:

EncarnaciĆ³n Romero was an undocumented immigrant working at a poultry plant in Missouri when she was arrested in 2007 during a raid by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

Romero’s parental rights were then terminated, and Carlitos was adopted by Seth and Melinda Moser...

“This little boy is four years old. He doesn’t speak Spanish, he speaks English,” Schnake said. “I don’t mean to be caustic about it but it’s not the child’s fault she was (in jail).”


  1. Ah. The “best interests of the child” test raises its ugly head. It’s code for: White, English speaking people are, ipso facto, better parents that brown people or people who talk funny.

  2. This kind of reminded me of the child Elian Gonzales, who the court returned to his native country, until I realized that Elian was really abandoned by his mother (okay, involuntarily) and he was living with brown relatives.

    Living with brown relatives just doesn't have the same gravitas as living with white strangers.

    I bet he stays put.

  3. It's good that the Mausers teaching the tyke to speak like a proper American, but are they bleaching little Carlito's skin to make him LOOK American too? And that name! Can they please change it to something less embarrassing, like Carl's Jr?

    Last thought -- I hope Meth and Snelinda are not using this child as an anchor baby to get Mexicon citizenship in case they want to flee the socialism being imposed by the Kenyanticolonialistofascist Obama regime!


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