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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breitbart editor hits the big time

The libislamunistofascists may have Roger Ebert, but as Big Government editor Dana Loesch proudly tells us, her Breitbartian peer at Big Hollywood was recently feted by a celebrity with much more teaparty-style gravitas:
Pauly Shore just gave [John Nolte] a shout out.
I wonder how well he plays a pimp.

PBS discriminates against patriots

Although they often feature objects from the sixties and seventies on Antiques Roadshow, you'll never see a velvet Elvis or anything from the Franklin Mint.


  1. Well, some years ago, my friends and i did camp far too many people in a motel room in Lake Chelan and then purchased a velvet Elvis from a local vintage shop. The proprietors of the motel didn't mind that we put it on temporary display in the motel lobby. they were either good sports, or future teabaggers.

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  3. I was extremely hurt when Nolte made fun of the “von” in my name. After all, in the world of Andrew Breitbart, we white folks have to stick together. We all know that we’re the Most Oppressed People On Earth, so how dare he make fun of my Teutonic moniker. Even if Gramps just tacked the “von” on at Ellis Island when nobody was looking.

  4. Nor will you ever see hummels, and who doesn't love hummels.

  5. Mr "Left Field" is back ...

    On the subject of Teutonic America, I've had this sneaking suspicion that the worst cultural characteristics of Germans et al, that had been largely purged from the German psyche by two world wars (gun/hardware fondling, gross arrogance and presumptuousness), still thrives in America in the Germanic originated immigrants.

    Feel free to kick my ass if this is insensitive stereotyping - I'm accustomed to it.

    (... wait a minute; how close is Hungary to Germany? ...)

  6. Hey, Joe – no ass-kicking here. My grandfather came from Ukraine. He just like the sound of “von” …

  7. When I saw that pichur up top, at first I thought it was Muammar Khadafy, however he's spelling his name today. But Quadaffi has more chin-whiskers. The rolling goo-goo eyes are the same, though.

    I'm still not sure how I should feel about these radicals trying to overthrow Ghadafi. On one hand, St. Ronald the Raygun tried to kill him in 1985, so that must mean he was the eeeeevil. On the other hand, Warpresident Bush -- the SECOND Warpresident Bush, not the First one of the Third (Jeb in 2021, everybody) -- rehabilitated al-Kweedaffy once he abandoned his imaginary WMDs and started selling us oil on the cheap. Is Qufatti Amerikkka's friend, or its enemy? I suppose it all depends on the price of oil

  8. Joe---
    I sometimes get strange reactions to my German-Austrian heritage. My grandparents were all immigrants to America between 1900 and 1905, but my surname is Italian, from my Dad. In a casual conversation (about sacher torte!) with a seemingly normal accounting client, I mentioned that my Mom's parents (a butcher and a pstry cook) were from Linz and Grein. He said, in a hushed voice, "You shouldn't admit that! That's where Hitler grew up!" and terminated my contract the next day..... I guess I'm just a little touchy about stereotyping.

  9. Mutzali,

    I had a similar thing happen to my brother who was once looking for work with a Jewish employer. My brother brought his Ukrainian friend along.

    My brother had the interview first, then his friend. In the friend's interview, the Jewish employer asked him why he is a friend to that Hungarian (German sympathizers in Hungary couldn't round up the Hungarian Jews fast enough to ship them to death camps).

    Given the monstrous treatment of the Jews, this isn't unreasonable. To this day the war(s) continue to weigh on the Germans, and they don't need to be reminded. If there's still the occasional fallout from this legacy, I think we'll simply need to be patient.

    ... However, getting back to Teutonic America, what I'm suggesting is that the assumptions of the AmeriKKKan White Supremacists seem to mirror the 'Old World' rhetoric of pre-second world war Germans, and while that European episode ended in 1945, you, and the General (Sir!) and his followers are actually still fighting that battle here.


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