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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thou shalt kill those who share the wealth

Bryan Fischer is a true Renaissance man. In addition to being the host of American Family Association's "Focal Point" radio show and the executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, he's also a leading Christ-based penal marine biologist and a holy crusader in the wars against wolfofascism and godless grizunism.

Yesterday, after reading the following, I learned he's also a historian:
[Pocahontas] was captured by English settlers, who intended to exchange her for English prisoners who had been taken into captivity by the Algonquins, or Powhatans, who also helped themselves to various weapons and tools. The Powhatans, along with many of the indigenous peoples, seemed to have little respect for private property, including boundaries, and little regard for obedience to the eighth commandment and its prohibition against stealing...

During that year-long wait, she was treated with “extraordinary courteous usage,” according to colonist Ralph Hamor. A local minister by the name of Alexander Whitaker taught her about Christianity and helped her to learn English. She became a follower of Christ, was baptized, and took the Christian name “Rebecca.”


It’s arresting to think of how different the history of the American settlement and expansion could have been if the other indigenous peoples had followed Pocahontas’s example. She not only recognized the superiority of the God whom the colonists worshipped over the gods of her native people, she recognized the superiority (not the perfection) of their culture and adopted its patterns and language as her own.

In other words, she both converted and assimilated. She became both a Christian and an American (technically, of course, an Englishman). She melded into European and Christian civilization and made her identity as a Christian and an Englishman her primary identity.


Alas, not enough of her fellow indigenous peoples were willing to follow in Rebecca’s footsteps, and a long and sordid trail of bloodshed and violence followed, which lasted until the turn of the 20th century.
I think Brother Fischer lays the history out beautifully, don't you? The Communal (read "communist") Powhatans broke the Eighth Commandment, so patriots punished them by exercising the Sixth.


  1. Well General, since the Rebecca went full English on everyone she would have been an Anglican. Anglicans (and those damned Papists) use Deuteronomy as the source for the 10 commandments. That means that the patriots would be committing adultery with those Powhatans.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the Papist/Anglican 6th commandment were used as a solution more often?.

  2. Fischer is right. Let's be honest, American Indians thieved so much they even stole the Indian Indian's race.

    However, I don't know what Mr. Fischer would like being called a renaissance man. a) It sounds french and b) It is about empowering men and embracing knowledge. Thats silly! We know we are at God's whim and the only knowledge worth knowing is in the Bible.

  3. Why, Mr. Fischer is spot on!

    And to take it in another context:

    If only all those Jews in 1930s Germany had just assimilated themselves into being Nazis (or had at least had the decency to snuff themselves, knowing they were an inferior race), then all that nastiness at places like Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Treblinka, and Dachau need never have happened....


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