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Friday, June 24, 2011

"Freedom is a Very Good Idea"

Patriot Crane sent me the speech Sister Sarah will give when she announces her decision to run or not run for the opportunity to serve a partial, but Godlicious, presidency:
"Freedom is a Very Good Idea"
(a speech for Sarah Palin)

Where to begin, where to begin? It’s almost like before us is the same country Jefferson and Washington stood in and thought about important things to make the then unfounded nation a founded one.

They thought about things to make the country, then just colonies of colonists, stronger than it was at the early time in its history. Indians and British people made things very uncertain back in those days when founding a new country was taking up a lot of everyone’s time and effort. So, when freedom was the idea, it was decided it was a good one.

Freedom would allow people to be free. Free from a king over in England who thought he owned most of the new land that was actually promised to the settlers by God because of "Makeafist Destiny".

There was so much to do that the first thing was to write a Constitution and so these fathers who were also founders decided to do just that. Thomas Jefferson, a Christian and Patriotic American, and then only in his 20s or early 30s, but young, anyway, was chosen as the person to write a first version of the Constitution. He did a really good job and put things in the document that would mean this new Christian nation was also free.

Freedom rang.

So, now there was a lot of jobs that needed creatin’, and the fathers knew we had to let people grow businesses in order to have jobs for those new people arriving from Europe and Africa.

The African people didn’t need jobs so much because they were also really slaves, but were very happy in those days because they had food and clothing provided to them if they would just work in the fields some during the day, then sing spiritual songs with their families at night. So, even though we, the new Americans hated slavery, we had it for a while until the founding fathers ended it.

Those founding fathers of freedom planted the seeds of democracy but really not so much democracy as, also too, we really mean a Republic, if we could keep it.

So, now today, we have a lot of jobs to create and a lot of debts to pay off, so we need even more freedom than we needed before we needed the jobs and the less debt.

So, my fellow Americans, be willing to sacrifice for this great land of wealth and job creation. We are the greatest country on earth and most other countries on this same earth look at us and wish they were us.

They hate our freedoms too. That’s why we had to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. They wanted to end our way of life on 9-11. They love the way we live, but hate the way we have freedom.

So, we are now all Americans living for the same dream: freedom and strength.

If we pray to God and support Israel, we will always be doing the right thing and God will reward this great Christian nation with prosperity.

So, to Ronald Reagan and to Jesus, I say thank you. Thank both of you for giving us the foundation to build our freedoms on. Thank you for showing us how to move forward toward our own destiny. We will not fail.

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