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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Utah, We Love Thee

The biggest election scandal of the season is blazing away behind the Zion Curtain. Jon Huntsman's salty language--or more specifically, his use of the "bull manure" word--is causing a media firestorm in the Beehive State:

From ABC-4, the alternative gentile (non-Mormon) station in Salt Lake City:
Jon Huntsman, apparently, can swear like a sailor.

Huntsman, in a recent article in a national magazine, is quoted as using a very bad word.


In fact quoted as saying,

"...I know their politics, and I was angry that this guy could be thirty miles north of Islamabad...that's just such b-------, I can't even believe it."

For some, it may be surprising to hear that kind of word from someone with a strong LDS background.
OH MY HECK! I can't believe he said that! I bet the elders are all in an uproar. And the sisters, well, you can't make enough green Jello salad to cleanse your mind after hearing something like that.

Fox 4 News' Chris, Son of Sander, Vanocur continues:
Especially so, if you compare it to the other Mormon in the presidential race.

Mitt Romney has a reputation of being someone who doesn't swear.
Of course not! The man is as pure as the LDS "garments" section at ZCMI.

Oh, wait...
Now, there was one alleged incident during Utah’s 2002 Olympics.

That's when reports surfaced that Romney may have said another bad word, but he denied it.
"Alleged," that's the key flipping word here. Anyone who says they heard Elder Mitt cuss is flipping full of sugar.

But why would Elder Huntsman commit such a grievous sin?
Did Jon Huntsman swear on purpose just to show a national audience he's a regular guy who can cuss?

Or, did Huntsman swear to show he’s not like Romney?
Of course he did. The man has always tried to appeal to the gentiles by being even more gentile than Joe Lieberman.

But what was it Elder Romney supposedly said:
Romney’s worst language, by the way, may be - as reported during Utah’s Olympics - when he says “H-E double hockey sticks.”
No way. I doubt he even debases himself with an occasional "Oh my heck."

Tip of the ol' helmet to Main Street Plaza.

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